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Campus Climate


Campus Climate (Climate & Intergroup Relations) refers to what it feels like for individuals to be at W&M and the behavioral experiences and norms that are present. Effective and innovative cultures depend on individuals feeling comfortable to take interpersonal risks and to bring their whole selves to their work and learning. Measuring constituent perceptions related to feeling respected, belonging, and prevalence of affirming relationships among faculty, staff, and students are among the concepts present in this dimension.

Goal: Create and sustain an organizational environment that acknowledges and celebrates diversity and employs inclusive practices throughout its daily operations.

Leading Indicator

  • 90 %
    DEI training completion percentage

    vs. 93% in 2021-2022


Initiatives Underway

Below is a selection of campus climate initiatives actively underway in the 2022-2023 academic year. For an expanded view, explore the university's full Inclusive Excellence Plan.

Align with W&M Mission, Vision & Values

Create a climate that is supportive and respectful while valuing myriad perspectives and experiences and aligned with the university's mission, vision and values

  • Conduct campus landscape review to eliminate structures that may be perceived as barriers to a welcoming and inclusive environment (ongoing)
  • Create a community where uncomfortable meaningful dialogue is valued and practices
  • Educate the university community on the prevention of harassment, discrimination and identity-based violence as well as related equity policies
    • Promote productive ways to resolve conflict
    • Effectively address concerns and complaints
  • Distinguish W&M Athletics in ways that are equitable, more financially sustainable, and that enhance the sense of belonging for all by uniting the campus during games and events
  • Offer educational and celebratory events for students, faculty and staff, and the community that recognize and honor diversity and promotes inclusion from disparate viewpoints
  • Create opportunities to further university-wide inclusion initiatives by using the power of W&M Athletics competitions to recognize, honor, and celebrate different underrepresented and community groups
  • Introduce new students to W&M's values and responsibilities that encourage critical thinking and self-reflection
  • Support the health and well-being of our campus community, and promote professional growth for staff and faculty

Lagging Indicator

  • 24 %
    Employee survey response percentage

    Survey conducted in 2021