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Kimberly L. Weatherly

Assistant Dean and Director, Center for Student Diversity

Email: [[klweatherly]]

About Kimberly
Who am I?

I have lived in a few states. I hail from Ohio, which may explain why I am an avid Cleveland Browns fan. I have also lived in Michigan, Virginia, Illinois and have once again returned to the Tidewater, Virginia area. I relocated back to the area to work for W&M to help historically underrepresented students have a dynamic experience and achieve academic success. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree  at Eastern Michigan University, earned my Master’s Degree from Hampton University, and obtained my Doctorate from Benedictine University. I have worked in higher education 25+ years ! Time truly does fly when you are having fun undertaking what you are passionate about. I always say this is not a job but a career.  

Why William & Mary?

Years ago, during my graduate program at Hampton University, I would visit William & Mary for a change of scenery and to study at Swem library. I knew then that W&M was a top notch institution and had heard about the well-respected Dr. Carol Hardy, one of the two African Americans associated with W&M , for whom a residence hall is named. Her development of programs and contribution to diversity left a permanent footprint. During those formative years, I never guessed I would have an opportunity to carry the torch of diversity and inclusion at W&M.  

William & Mary has been one of the most welcoming places I have ever worked. The people within student affairs truly appreciate the growth and evolution of students from diverse backgrounds and we are all passionate about student success. It really doesn’t get any better than this. W&M doesn’t just talk the talk but emphasizes that students who come here really do belong here. We are not perfect but we try exceedingly hard.

Why the Center for Student Diversity (CSD)?

If the Office of Admission is the front door then the CSD is the family den. The CSD is a home away from home. Students come to the CSD to fellowship with people who share or understand their culture, identity, or intersectionality without having to explain.

How lucky am I to meet and help historically underrepresented and first generation students navigate their academic career? The CSD sometimes is an ear students need which  encourages them to join an organization or apply for a study abroad program, allows students to let their hair down and simply is a place where they see people who look like them.

What I do for Center for Student Diversity

I am responsible for all things interconnected to the retention, graduation, and the well-rounded experience of students from diverse backgrounds. I, along with my team, make sure to initiate and implement programs and services that are academic, cultural, social and social justice in nature. I also have the pleasure of creating and administering diversity and inclusion workshops to campus partners and student organizations. Working with diverse students from various backgrounds, including students of color, first generation students, students from varying religious backgrounds, students with varying socio-economic circumstances, students who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and students whose stories reveal a diversity of experience can be challenging work but invigorates me. I love what I do and who I serve. I know that I am in a small percentage and I acknowledge that I am blessed.  

Fun Facts

I am an avid Cleveland sports fan. I love photography so much that my friends started paying me to take portraits of them and photograph their events. My favorite U.S. city, besides Cleveland, is Chicago and my favorite city abroad is Florence, Italy.