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The Center for Student Diversity (CSD) strives to enhance students' success both in and out of the classroom and create a climate on campus that is inclusive and welcoming to all students. 

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Holiday Spotlight


Native American Heritage Month begins Tuesday, November 1st and ends Wednesday, November 30th
Native American Heritage Month is celebrated in November to recognize the history, diveristy and traditions of Native people and cultures. NAHM aims to educate and raise awareness about various tribes and the challenges they have faced and continue to face.
Happy Native American Heritage Month!

Thanksgiving is celebrated on Thursday, November 24th 

Thanksgiving is a holiday that was created to celebrate the harvest and blessings brought upon individuals in the past year. Today, individuals carry on the tradition by feasting with their loved ones and recognzing the journey that the past year has brought them.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hanukkah is celebrated on Sunday, December 18th to Monday, December 26th 

Hanukkah is an eight-day celebration in the Jewish culture dedicated to celebrating the rededication and miracle witnessed at the Second Temple. The holiday is also known as the Fesitval of Lights. Today, the holiday is often celebrated by lighting the menorah and rejoicing with loved ones. 

Happy Hanukkah!



Christmas is celebrated on Sunday, December 25th

Christmas is a widely celebrated cultural, religious, and commerical holiday. The holiday was originally created in the Christian religion to celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Today, the traditions and practices of the holiday are celebrated by many individuals and cultures worldwide.

Merry Christmas!



Kwanzaa is celebrated from Monday, December 26th to Sunday, January 1st.

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration dedicated to promoting community within the African American community. The celebration is often characterized by Nguzo Saba, the 7 Swahili principles. The major tradition is lighting on the 7 candles, one for each of the seven princlples, each day of celebration.

Happy Kwanzaa!


Lunar New Year is celebrated from Sunday, January 22nd to Sunday, February 5th.

Lunar New Year is a annual celebration widely celebrated among East and Southeast Asian cultures. The celebration consists of feasting with loved ones, honoring households and honoring heavenly ancestors. Each year is a associated with one of the 12 zodiac animals.

Happy Lunar New Year!


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