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New Students

Welcome to William & Mary! We are happy to have you join the Tribe and are here to support you and ensure that you have equitable educational access. We offer ADA accommodations in academics and housing for our students with disabilities. We also offer support and resources for our students, and we encourage you to navigate our website to learn more! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and we look forward to working with you and to making your journey at William & Mary a success!

For more information about our registration process and the types of supports we offer, we invite you to watch our YouTube video How to Register with SAS

Important Deadlines for New Students
Housing Accommodations

If you are seeking fall semester housing-related ADA accommodations on the basis of a disability, including a request for an air-conditioned room, please submit your request with SAS by the June 1st deadline. If we approve your housing accommodation as an ADA accommodation, we will notify Residence Life, and Residence Life will follow up with you.

Note that the deadline for this process is earlier than other ADA accommodation needs because of the timing of the room assignment process. Students can submit housing-related accommodation requests after June 1st, but we cannot guarantee the availability of rooms meeting students’ accommodation needs for late requests.

Other ADA Accommodations


Reasonable and appropriate accommodations are determined through a flexible, interactive process involving the student and SAS staff. Final responsibility for selection of the most appropriate accommodation rests with William & Mary.

To ensure adequate review and consultation, new students should submit any academic accommodation requests by July 15th in order to ensure that any approved accommodations are in place at the start of the semester. We also continually review requests throughout the academic year and encourage students to contact us about their academic needs at any time.

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