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How to Request Accommodations

Procedure for Requesting Accommodations

Please note, in order to register with Student Accessibility Services you must have a myWM account. 

STEP 1: First, please register online with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Upon clicking the link, look on the left hand side of the page for Accommodations and then click Accessibility Request. Please note that this form will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

In completing this form, an accommodation request will be submitted for you, which will be used for the processing and implementation of your approved accommodations.

STEP 2:  Have your health care provider verify your condition or diagnosis with the provider form. Please refer to the Guidelines for Documentation to determine if additional documentation is required.    

STEP 3:  SAS staff will schedule an appointment with you to review your official documentation as well as to discuss and finalize your appropriate accommodation(s).

Reasonable and appropriate accommodation is often determined through a flexible, interactive process involving the student and SAS staff. Final responsibility for selection of the most appropriate accommodation rests with the university. Early consultation regarding accommodation is essential whenever questions of compliance and/or funding for accommodation are involved. Late requests will be honored to the best of our ability, but could result in delay, substitution, or inability to complete.

STEP 4: After meeting with you, SAS staff will prepare an accommodation letter outlining the accommodations for which the student has been approved. Letters regarding your specific accommodations are prepared for relevant faculty members/instructors, including the designated contact at the graduate program if relevant. SAS staff are available to explain the procedures as needed. If you find that difficulties arise in obtaining accommodations or if there are concerns related to this process, it is your responsibility as a student to contact SAS immediately.

IMPORTANT: You must renew your accommodations every semester to continue receiving accommodations and to re-activate step four (above). If you feel that previously approved accommodations need to be adjusted or reviewed, or if any new accommodations need to be added, you are encouraged to contact SAS for consideration of these changes.


Note: Students engaged in academic work off site (such as internships for course credit and study away) are not generally eligible for accommodation by William & Mary. The ability to accommodate a student with a disability should be a precondition to any business, agency, or organization that wants to participate in an internship or externship agreement with the university. In the case of academic course work taken at another institution of higher learning, SAS staff will serve as consult and provide information as needed for students arranging accommodations at these locations.