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Note Taking Policy

Access to Peer and Professor Notes

Students who have a diagnosed condition for which peer notes would be a helpful supplement in order to be successful in the class, may benefit from our Note Taker Program. In order to qualify for this accommodation, students should register online with Student Accessibility Services and make an appointment for an in-person meeting to discuss it in detail. Once the accommodation has been approved, SAS can assist in recruiting a note taker for the student’s courses.

Note: Currently, our program relies solely on volunteers from each course. In order to increase the likelihood of finding a volunteer for the needed course, please review the student and faculty responsibilities.

  • If a student contacts an instructor about needing a note taker, one or more of the following actions should be taken

    • Send out an email to your class asking for a note taker

      • An example announcement could be: "The Student Accessibility Services office has made me aware that they are in need of a student note taker for this course. If you consider yourself a reliable student who likes to help fellow students in need, then please email me or approach me after class, and I will connect you with SAS for further direction."
    • Speak to the class directly about a note taker

    • Recommend an individual who is known to take good notes

    • Instructors can also provide their own notes or access to power points if they choose to do so

  • Note: Anonymity of the student in need must be preserved and their identity should never be shared unless permission is given by the student

  • Students must communicate with their professors once faculty emails have been sent out regarding accommodations

  • Students should first ask a fellow classmate for notes. If this is not possible, the following actions may be taken   

    • Ask your instructor for help locating a note taker

    • Contact SAS to help recruit a note taker

  • If recruitment through SAS is necessary, please contact us as soon as possible at [[sas]] and put “I need a note taker” in the subject line

  • Students must attend class in order to receive notes; peer notes are merely a supplement and do not excuse students from class

Audio-Recorded Lectures
  • This accommodation is granted when a student does not have equal access to take in or recall auditory information, such as class lectures, based on their documented diagnosis. 
  • Students supply their own audio recording device, and they are made aware that they are not to share their recordings with anyone else. 
  • If you have questions or concerns about the use of audio recording in your class, please contact our office at [[sas]]. 
  • As of January 2016, students with this accommodation sign a confidentiality agreement governing the use of reasonable accommodation products that indicate students are to keep recordings and transcripts confidential, that they will return and/or delete any content after the course concludes, and that violations of such policy are an Honor Code violation reportable to the Honor Council.