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Strategic Plan Tracker

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Goal 1: Grow Study in D.C. Opportunities

The Washington Center will adapt and refine our existing academic offerings to appeal to broader, diversified populations of students. Our focus is to produce fulfilling, high-impact experiences in an environment reflective of diversity and inclusion at W&M. Of key importance is fostering a sense of belonging for our students (and the entire W&M community) in D.C.

Objective 1: Grow the existing Study in D.C. opportunity capacity

✅  Reorganize D.C. Semester Program to allow 20 or more students to study in D.C. each fall and spring semester 

✅  Grow the D.C. Winter Seminars from three to four seminars, increasing cap from 75 to 100 students

◎  Grow the D.C. Summer Institutes (DCSI) from three to four institutes 

✅  Explore increasing each individual D.C. Summer Institute’s cap from 20 to 25 students

◎ Increase student enrollment in Study in D.C. academic opportunities from 73% to at least 85% of seats filled 

Objective 2: Through carefully planned new programmatic growth, ensure all students have equal opportunity in D.C.

◎ Gather and project potential Study in D.C. student data, including academic major trends, demographics, and highly enrolled courses

◎ Explore opportunities for new partnerships with departments not yet included in Study in D.C. programming

◎ Expand our advertising, marketing, and scholarship opportunities to intentionally reach students underrepresented in D.C.

◎ Enroll a consistent 5% of W&M students studying in D.C. per academic year (currently at roughly 4%)

🚫  Work with the Reves Center and Office of Undergraduate Admission to establish and implement a global campaign specifically focused on Study in D.C. opportunities for international students to increase international student enrollment

◎ Renew our focus on student wellness by identifying wellness support services in the D.C. area, possibly with other D.C.-based universities, to increase and enhance our current offerings

◎ Revitalize the previous Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan to reflect new priorities and initiatives

Implement a Personal Fulfillment Plan to encourage students to intentionally reflect on their D.C. experiences and consider their lives/careers beyond W&M

Develop goals to enhance career-academic connections that we provide for students

Ensure every Study in D.C. student is given the opportunity to connect one-on-one with a member of the Center team at least once during their experience 

Objective 3: Broaden and cultivate our network in D.C.

 Increase our contacts in professional and policy making institutions by at least 50%

 Develop standing partnerships with 10 new organizations to grow internship and speaker opportunities

Objective 4: Increase faculty access to teaching opportunities in D.C.

Release at least one Request for Proposals (RFP) for each opportunity per academic year

Select at least one new faculty member for each opportunity each year

Select at least one faculty member from a new department each year

 Design and implement new faculty outreach plan to help faculty find a sense of belonging in the Washington Center

🚫  Encourage and provide the structure/resources needed for faculty in STEM departments to apply to teach in our Study in D.C. opportunities

Work with the Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation to expand innovative teaching possibilities for D.C. academics

🚫  Consult with William & Mary’s existing resources to propose a new research program within the Center

◉  Determine feasibility and plan for a D.C. faculty symposium in partnership with the Teaching & Learning Symposium.

Goal 2: Expand Collaboration with the University

With a focus on enhancing whole-institution thinking, we aim to increase collaboration between the Washington Center and the larger university, with an emphasis on integration. Every member of the W&M community should know what the Washington Center is and what we do; everyone at W&M should see connections and possibilities for engagement with the Washington Center.

Objective 1: Increase campus partnerships

Determine the Center’s partnership baseline data and increase engagement with new partners by at least 20%

◎ Develop a “Listening Campaign Part II” to proactively raise awareness about the Washington Center across the institution

◎ Create at least one new partnership within each professional school: Law, Education, Business, and VIMS 

◎  Create a strategy with the Charles Center and the Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation to collectively create more interdisciplinary opportunities in D.C.

🚫  Collaborate with the Reves Center, Charles Center, and Center for the Liberal Arts to define and integrate non-traditional COLL 300 courses into the curriculum

Formalize and increase partnership opportunities with Swem Library

Objective 2: Coordinate with University Advancement to increase intentional alumni giving

◎  Produce a data analysis of our Center alumni database

🚫  Grow Washington Center constituent/alumni database by 20% 

✅  Provide a cohesive D.C. alumni experience by aligning event practices with University Advancement and the Washington Area Alumni Business Association (WAABA)

Objective 3: Expand Center leadership opportunities on campus

✅  At least one member of the Washington Center team proactively volunteers to serve on a university committee annually

✅   At least one member of the Washington Center team proactively volunteers to present to university leaders at all levels annually

✅  Each Washington Center team member attends at least two campus-wide events per academic year

Goal 3: Expand Fundraising Initiatives

By creating a strategic, collaborative fundraising plan, the W&M Washington Center can expand fundraising initiatives to support key priorities, including the Study in D.C. Scholarship Fund. With a focus on creating a culture of sustained scholarship giving and by bolstering Center donor stewardship, we will strive to increase major gifts, donor retention, student giving, and explore relevant grant opportunities.

Objective 1: Partner with University Advancement to create a comprehensive Center fundraising plan

 Design, develop, and approve a solicitation plan for corporations and major donors

✅  Washington Center director participates in a minimum of 12 donor visits each year

Increase the annual giving to the Study in D.C. Scholarship Fund by 10% each fiscal year (including board giving, events, and other private gifts)

✅   Explore the creation of additional scholarship funds and/or endowments

Collect and track all scholarship data from past and present to project future need

 Create 12 or more compelling stories for marketing purposes, including the alumni magazine and website

 Incorporate statistics into all fundraising plans, advertising materials, and websites

Objective 2: Partner with University Advancement to develop a sustainable stewardship plan for Center donors

◎ Execute 1-3 stewardship events annually, and include past recipients

◎ Engage the Center Advisory Board in stewardship planning

◎  Develop annual stewardship piece for major donors that highlights scholarship recipients

✅  Ensure that all Washington Center donors receive a hand-written note from a student or staff member each year. 

Objective 3: Execute a grant-writing plan

🚫  Meet with Corporate & Foundation Relations and the Office of Sponsored Programs to research relevant grant opportunities and create a list of potential funders

🚫  Apply for three grants

Goal 4: Create Sustainable Scholarship Funding Practices

The Washington Center aims to meet the need of all Study in D.C. Scholarship Fund applicants demonstrating medium to high need.

Objective 1: Identify and increasingly meet need for Study in D.C. scholarship applicants

 Meet full financial need by working with Financial Aid to gather data on future scholarship needs and develop a scholarship plan 

 Create specific scholarship opportunities for underrepresented students

✅  Increase accessibility to the scholarship by making the application simpler 

✅   Clarify application process online to encourage more applications

Design a more streamlined scholarship awarding process by using data and consulting experts to reduce uncertainty and clarify opportunities for students


Goal 5: Increase Center Financial & Operational Stability

The Washington Center will engage in meaningful analysis in order to make updates to the Center’s fluctuating revenue system and allow our finances to stabilize and grow. Additionally, we aim to increase revenue-generating opportunities, including a formalized event system. Finally, to support an upgraded event system, the Center must maintain and invest in our physical space and technology.

Objective 1: Develop stronger financial stability and predictability

Update Center’s budget based on revenue/expense analysis to align with Center’s priorities and intended impact

 Increase communication with university financial operations by establishing regular check-ins

 Explore additional revenue possibilities, including grants, endowments, and new programs/classes

Objective 2: Professionalize the event planning process

Execute a streamlined process for events

◎ Update event website to clearly communicate the best layouts for Center space to include pictures, diagrams, and furniture options

◎ Unroll marketing plan to increase new revenue-generating event constituents by 20%

Objective 3: Maintain and upgrade Center space

 Establish a regular IT contact schedule to maintain and update technology 

🚫  Develop a maintenance plan for physical space, including painting, carpet cleaning, and furniture updates, with timelines and costs to better preserve assets and reduce unexpected larger costs

 Increase the Center's commitment to sustainable practices through the development of a sustainability plan in consultation with the Office of Sustainability 

Goal 6: Create a Clear Staff & Support Structure

The Center seeks to create a sustainable staff structure with clear hierarchy, mobility, and development opportunities to increase staff retention, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Objective 1: Increase sustainability of positions

 Explore possibilities for meeting a greater need of E&G salary support, to include funding for six positions

 Meet with Human Resources to create a long-term plan for promoting and retaining staff

🚫  Explore new endowment funding opportunities for positions

✅  Explore options for staff to take classes and earn additional degrees with financial assistance

Objective 2: Increase staff training and professional development opportunities

Formalize Center onboarding practice for future new employees

Maintain budget for all staff to participate in one professional development activity or conference/year

◎ Create and implement an internal team professional development plan

Find and participate in supervisor training for employees with direct reports

Objective 3: Explore options for future Center staff growth

Establish a clear staff hierarchy with room for upward mobility 

 Establish annual summer internship for undergraduate student or Graduate Assistant

✅  Investigate establishing additional Center positions, including Faculty Director