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Civic Learning & Action

As they work together with members of the William & Mary and broader community, students in W&M Civic & Community Engagement programs develop the following skills and perspectives - along with many others - and grow to center and prioritize community now and throughout their lives. 

Ways of Being
Ways of Being

Aligning actions and values with commitment to community

Cultural Humility
Reflecting on one’s own identities and perspectives to more deeply respect the dignity and expertise of others and more effectively challenge bias and power imbalances
Civic Identity

Understanding oneself as an agent of positive social change

Ways of Thinking
Ways of Being
Root Cause Analysis

Understanding the underlying, interconnected conditions and systems that foster or undermine the flourishing of individuals and communities

Critical Reflection
Examining experiences, relationships, knowledge, and beliefs to better understand and guide future action
Sustainability Mindset

Appreciating the fundamental interdependence between self, others, society, and nature and working to improve the well-being of all

Ways of Taking Action
Ways of Being
Building Community

Fostering relationships that are characterized by mutual respect, care, trust, and shared commitments

Engaging Difference
Using inevitable disagreement and discomfort in relationships as opportunities for valuing others’ lived experience and growing together
Democratic Practices

Sharing power and responsibility equitably with others, recognizing that all people have knowledge and capacities to contribute to processes affecting them and their communities

Collective Action

Acting collaboratively within a community for the common good


Our Civic Learning & Action Goals were developed in a co-creative and democratic process with multiple rounds of ideating, creating, and editing with students, community leaders, colleagues, and other stakeholders.