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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the W&M One Network, a professional networking platform for those who have an affinity and connection to William & Mary. W&M One Network welcomes students, alumni, parents and spouses of students or alumni, staff, faculty and volunteers. Our aim is to bring together the global W&M community for career connections and professional development. We are committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for our members and preparing tomorrow's leaders to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

To ensure that our platform remains a positive and productive space, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following community guidelines:

Engage and Contribute

We encourage all members to participate in discussions, share relevant articles, ask questions and offer insights based on their academic and professional experiences. Please conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner, positively reflecting the W&M community in all interactions. If someone requests you stop contacting them, please respect their wishes; please also refrain from disruptive practices such as posting or messaging the same content repeatedly.

Opportunity Oriented

We encourage members to share job and internship opportunities, industry insights and trends, reflections on interests and advice based on personal experience. While introductions to yourself and your work are welcome, we ask that you refrain from engaging in sales activities, investment opportunities, fundraising requests unrelated to William & Mary, sharing jobs/internships that require advance fee payments, and other self-promotional advertisements.


One Network is an inclusive community that values diverse people and perspectives. We appreciate the diversity of opinions and experiences that our community brings, and we ask that all members be mindful of their voice and perspective. If you feel you are dominating the conversation, please step back and create space for others. If you are unsure how to contribute, start with a simple introduction and describe what you can offer the community.

Follow Legal Guidelines

By using One Network, you agree to abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations including the W&M One Network Terms of Service and, if applicable, the W&M Student Code of Conduct. Refrain from posting, uploading or linking any content that violate these laws and regulations. Additionally, do not post, upload, or link any content that is threatening, obscene, profane, harassing, or defamatory.


One Network is intended for professional networking, mentoring and career-related conversations. Members are expected to treat one another with mutual respect, recognizing and upholding each person’s inherent dignity and worth.

All content is subject to moderation to ensure that it aligns with these guidelines. Please be aware that violations may result in limitations on postings or removal from the community.

One Network offers multiple modes through which participants can connect, all of which are subject to these guidelines. While One Network administrators have comprehensive access to the platform and its content, we recommend self-moderation of Notification and Privacy settings. Please review the materials (PDF) explaining how different sections of the site operate so that you can engage appropriately.

If at any time you have any concerns regarding content on the site, please contact us at [[onenetwork]].

Thank you for being part of the W&M One Network community. We are inspired by your commitment to living the W&M mission through mentorship, lifelong learning and expanding understanding.