Faculty Collaboration with the Career Center

We invite faculty to join us in helping students develop the insights and skills needed to navigate the process of career decision making, job searching, and applying for further education. Here are ways you can collaborate with us on behalf of our students.

A Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring

Students aren't the only one interested in their success; their accomplishments are also very important to the college. Staff members in career services, admissions, development, alumni relations, and you, the faculty, have a direct investment in their achievement. The role you play in the employment process complements the role played by career services. Occasionally, however, helping students in their job searches can result in unanticipated illegal or unethical actions. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has a more in-depth guide about this here.

Career Assessment

If you are advising students who are unclear about their concentration, wondering what career directions they might explore, or thinking about how majors develop skills for a broad range of careers, refer them to the Career Center for assessment of their interests and skills through completion and interpretation of a career survey.

Mock Interviews

Encourage students who are looking forward to interviews for internships or post-graduate employment to participate in mock interviews with an employer or retired professional who will also provide valuable critiques.

The W&M Wall Street Program

Students interested in learning more about careers in investment banking may apply for participation in a 2-day seminar in NYC, where they visit a number of major firms, participate in simulations and case studies, listen to panels and presentations, and network with professionals in the field.

Career Advising

If your advisees want to talk with a Career Advisor about how their skills, interests, and values prepare them for particular careers, refer them to the Career Center for an appointment with a Career Advisor.

Departmental Career Programs

If your department is interested in collaborating with the Career Center on developing a program for your concentrators, call us (757-221-3231) to arrange an appointment. While Career Advisors are able to present programs, we also like to collaborate with faculty and bring alumni back to campus, from your academic discipline.

Career Fair

Encourage interested students to attend one of our two annual Career Fairs in the Sadler Center, where they will have the opportunity to talk with employers about job and internship opportunities.

Ferguson Publishing Seminar

Held during the fall semester of even-numbered years, this weekend seminar brings publishing professionals from NYC to the campus to present information on the various career opportunities within the publishing industry. Annually, graduating seniors may compete for a scholarship to attend one of the prestigious summer publishing institutes.