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W&M's Kaveh Sadeghian '12 talks about the debt ceiling debate on CNN

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    College Leaders  Kaveh Sadeghian '12, student body president, represented the student-led initiative, Do We Have A Deal Yet?, July 21 on CNN.  
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William & Mary students may have seen a familiar face on CNN Thursday. Student Assembly President Kaveh Sadeghian ’12 was interviewed on mid-afternoon program “CNN Newsroom” about the impact of the U.S. debt ceiling crisis on the country’s next generation.

Sadeghian is part of a new student-led initiative, Do We Have a Deal Yet?, which was formed by a group of more than 100 student body presidents from across the country. The campus leaders met earlier this week in Washington, D.C. Prior to Sadeghian’s CNN appearance, the group held a press conference on the Georgetown University campus where they had been meeting.

“Our generation … we’re going to be homeowners one day. We’re going to be parents one day,” Sadeghian told CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield. “This is going to be affecting us for years to come. This is something we feel we need to have a voice in.”

The student body presidents, who represent more than 2 million college students from 40 states, told reporters Thursday they have one question for leaders in Washington, “Do we have a deal yet?” They sent their question Thursday in a letter to President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders asking them to reach a deal to raise the federal debt ceiling and reduce long-term budget deficits.

“We’ll keep asking the question until it gets to a point where we have a deal,” Sadeghian told CNN. “There is so much at stake.”