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Employee Appreciation Day '09: Service Awards

The following people will be recognized at the College of William and Mary's Employee Appreciation Day for reaching milestones in their years of service to the College. Those being recognized have served the College for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years.  - Ed.

5 Years

Celia R. Brown, Sadler Center
Corey M. Buttram,  Earl Gregg Swem Library
Susan J. Cheesman, Grants & Research
Karen G. Conner, School of Business
Robin M. Davis, Admissions
John G. Drummond, Information Technology
Debra A. Eck, Undergraduate Studies
Norman Elton, Information Technology
Jack G. Farraj, Information Technology
Sue C. Ferrare, Facilities Management
Aleta K. Gesiewski, Human Resources
Althea Y. Green, Facilities Management
Jason S. Hamlin, Parking Services
Jeffrey R. Harris, Facilities Management
Patricia D. Herrera, Information Technology
Tonya V. Insani, Keck Lab
Lartresha Jones, X-Change
Joy L. Ketron, Human Resources
Patricia A. Lawrence, Academic Advising
Cherquita Marrow, Commons
Chandra Y. Montgomery, Development
Eric M. Myers, Information Technology
Susan Patenia, Commons
Brian S. Persinger, Information Technology
Judith Peters, Child Care Center
Carol R. Roe, Geology
Marvin Russell Jr., Commons
Clay L. Schreiber, Facilities Management
Faith F. Smith, Procurement Office
Sang H. Smith, Facilities Management
William Stinson, Development
Chris A. Taranto, School of Law
Bonnie Van Zandt, Catering
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10 Years

Karen M. Baird, Dean of Students Office
Christine J. Banks, Residence Life
Mary A. Banks, Residence Life
Michael Blum, Information Technology
Karen J. Brown, Student Health Center
Mark D. Eaton, Information Technology
Kelvin W. Edwards, TJNAF
Shelia M. Eubank, Modern Languages
Cassi Fritzius, School of Law
Dorothy T. Grosse, Public Policy
Reynaldo Hudson, Catering
Sharon Johnson, Sadler Center
Helema Jones, Marketplace
Cynthia M. Mack, Earl Gregg Swem Library
Mary A. Matthewson, Postal Services
Rebecca A. Mazzarella, Law Library
Alvin D. New, Facilities Management
Richard L. Proper, Applied Research Center
Karen A. Schwartz, Strategic Planning & Analysis
Mildred A. Sink, Earl Gregg Swem Library
Suzanne S. Smethurst, Law Library
Spain, Elka D.    Human Resources
Bernice M. Szabo, Counseling Center
Thomas S. Trovato, Anthropology
Valerie S. Trovato, Government
Peggy R. Wagner, School of Law
Kathleen A. Whitacre, Development
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15 Years

Cecelia Barber, Child Care Center
Barbara W. Boyer, Mathematics
Valerie D. Brooks, Residence Life
Leslie M. Condra, Earl Gregg Swem Library
Janette Fulton, Facilities Management
Dudley J. Greene, Facilities Management
Mary L. Hicks-Coston, Procurement Office
Doris Kappes, Law Library
Nancy H. Kausch, Development
Christine S. Ladnier, Student Affairs
Rudy Robins, School of Business
Kari-Lise Slettemoen, Information Technology
Issac Smith, Commons
Tommie E. Thompson, Facilities Management
Avery L. Vaughan, Facilities Management
Bonnie J. Willard, Grants & Research
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20 Years

Jacquelyn C. Bannister, General Accounting
Claudette T. Canady, Athletic Department
Tamara A. Cooper, Religious Studies
Teresa L. Edmundson, Publications Office
Laura D. Jackson, Development
Karen H. McCluney, Earl Gregg Swem Library
Linda L. Melochick, Investment Administration
Sherrene V. Moore, Procurement Office
Karen K. Pearson, Ash Lawn-Highland
Robert A. Ross, Facilities Management
Henry W. Smith, Ash Lawn-Highland
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25 Years

Sharon M. Bohn, Internal Audit
Betsy D. Eckard, Residence Life
Vanessa L. Godwin, Computer Science
Barbara C. Hiler, Facilities Management
Jon R. Lawson, Facilities Management
Natasha W. Mcfarland, Earl Gregg Swem Library
Lenora W. O'Toole, Information Technology
Cheryl A. Pope, Grants & Research
Nancy Lee Rowe, Procurement Office
Carole J. Shaver, Human Resources
Diana R. Tennis, Auxiliary Services
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30 Years

Eva A. Brooks, Law Library
Ruby A. Coles, Residence Life
Myrtle R. Cox, Athletic Department
Diane R. Dudley, Earl Gregg Swem Library
Ernest L. Kirby, Facilities Management
N. Jay Klinefelter, Information Technology
Joyce L. Lampkin, Office of the Bursar
Karen E. Merrill, Finance
Betty O. Reynolds, General Accounting
Valerie White, Commons
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35 Years

James C. Acheson, Facilities Management
Sylvia B. Colston, Publications Office
Marion Dover, Commons
G. Daniel Ewart, Information Technology
Donald L. Howard, Facilities Management
Glendora M. James, Earl Gregg Swem Library
James M. Marrs, Facilities Management
Louise T. Menges, Chemistry
Paul T. Tidwell, Facilities Management
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40 Years
Sylvia J. Stout, Physics
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