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UPDATE: West Utility Plant - Road Closure

UPDATE (6/7/19) - Addition of Phase II & IIa

As part of the West Utility Plant construction it is necessary to install new lines that will carry chilled water and steam between the new plant and the buildings it will serve. This summer the project will be trenching and laying several yards of new underground piping along Ukrop Way that will connect to the network of lines installed earlier this year. There is a significant impact to parking over the summer as well as how we move through campus both in vehicles and when walking or cycling. During the road closure adjacent sidewalks will also be offline. Pedestrians leaving the deck will need to detour away from the project around Jones & Small Hall towards the front of Swem Library and the sundial to reach the other side of campus. 

Phase I of this project begins Monday May 20th and is scheduled to last until Thursday Aug. 15th.

This phase of the project carries the below restrictions:

  • Ukrop Way will be closed to general traffic from the Parking Deck to the intersection with Landrum Dr. The Parking Deck will be open and available for use, as well as the Adair Gymnasium.
  • Traffic needing to cross campus will be detoured around campus or may use Landrum Dr.
  • Landrum Dr. will be changed to allow two-way traffic.
  • To accommodate the new traffic pattern and access for first responders, all parking on Landrum Dr. from the Swem Library loading dock to the intersection of Landrum Dr. and Jamestown Rd. will be taken offline. A limited number of parallel ADA parking spaces for faculty/staff and residents will be made available curbside near the midway point outside of Chandler Hall.  
  • The DuPont Bridge will be limited to a single lane of traffic, with flagmen onsite to pulse traffic throughout the day and a lighted traffic signal during the evening and weekends. Please expect delays, this should not be seen or used as a "shortcut" through campus.
(NEW) Phase II & IIa are scheduled to begin Monday June 10th and will last through Monday June 24th.

This phase carries additional restrictions:

  • Beginning Monday morning the DuPont Bridge will close to ALL traffic. Drivers entering from Landrum Dr. will need to turn around at Swem and head back to Jamestown Rd.
  • Phase IIa is scheduled to last four days to allow for crane operations and installation of a large underground manhole box.
  • For Phase IIa Ukrop Way will initially be closed at the Wake Triangle above the DuPont Bridge. Barricades will be in place.
  • Access to parking along Wake Dr. and to the Keck Lab will remain open.
  • Parking in the immediate triangle at Wake Dr. will be closed, the inbound lane will be cleared and set for two-way traffic.
  • The Randolph Complex and the DuPont Hall fire lanes will be offline during the crane operations.
  • Once Phase IIa is complete the barricades will be reset and only the bridge will remain closed through the 24th
  • The below graphic is provided as a guide, to download a printable version click on the image.

 WUP Phase II map

As the project progresses we will continue to provide updates via this site. Please direct all questions or concerns to Parking Services at 221-4764 or via email to parked@wm.edu.