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Reflecting on 2018/19 and a game plan for strategic planning

William & Mary President Katherine A. Rowe sent the following message to the campus community May 2, 2019. - Ed.

Dear W&M community,

As we wrap up the academic year and look forward to Commencement, I write to share my gratitude for an amazing year together and sketch some of our plans for the year to come. I am excited to continue working with each of you to advance and strengthen W&M’s mission as we look forward to strategic planning this fall.

Earlier this semester, I shared that we would continue the generative, campus-wide discussions we began during “Thinking Forward,” throughout next year. Those open forums will be scheduled in the weeks leading up to Board of Visitors meetings (as this past month’s forum was), and you are all welcomed. An important element of the strategic planning process is to reflect back to the community what we are learning. This email begins a series of quarterly messages playing back where we are in planning. These messages will alert you to milestones in that process and link to key communications, such as reflections on the previous week’s Board of Visitors meeting. My April 2019 Board Meeting recap includes information about the Memorial to Enslaved African Americans at William & Mary, tuition, faculty and staff compensation and next steps for the strategic planning process.

Finally, I want to close with a reminder that in this busy time of final exams, I hope you will take breaks to unwind. If and when you have need, support is all around you: reach out to a friend or to the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center team at W&M. Thank you all for a remarkable year together.

Best regards,

– Katherine