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November 2015 BOV personnel resolutions

The William & Mary Board of Visitors approved several personnel resolutions at its November 2015 meeting regarding designated professorships, leaves of absence and the appointment of instructional faculty, professional faculty and executive faculty. - Ed.

The following people have been appointed to fill vacancies in the professional faculty:

JESSICA D. AIKEN, Assistant Director, Volunteer Engagement, effective April 25, 2015

ELISABETH A. BEAL, Assistant Dean, Career Services, effective September 10, 2015

VALERIE J. CUSHMAN, Director, Alumnae Initiatives, effective May 20, 2015

BARBARA DRAUGHON, Senior Director of Regional Advancement – DC Metro, effective September 10, 2015

JENNIFER A. FLOOR, Staff Psychologist, effective October 10, 2015

ROBBIE BANTOM GRAHAM, Senior Director, Stewardship and Donor Relations, effective September 25, 2015

JESSICA HUDSON GUZZO, Virginia Institute of Marine Science Director of Sponsored Programs, effective November 10, 2015

SCOTT A. HALE, Assistant Director, Volunteer Management, effective September 10, 2015

MARJORIE A. HOLTZ, Assistant Director, Student Philanthropy & Recent Graduate Engagement, effective August 25, 2015

JORDAN CARL HUNT, Associate Director, Development for Annual Giving, Mason School of Business, effective October 25, 2015

BRADY K. MILLER, Executive Director, Advancement Events, effective September 1, 2015

REBECCA MURRAY, Assistant Director of Campaign, effective May 10, 2015

LUIZA NEWLIN-LUKOWICZ, Associate Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations, effective July 10, 2015

LAUREN I. PETTENGILL, Assistant Dean of Admission, effective October 10, 2015

ALLISON T. PURYEAR, Senior Assistant Director, Regional Alumni Engagement, effective June 10, 2015

WILMARIE RODRIGUEZ, Assistant Dean of Students – Generalist, effective November 2, 2015

MICHAEL SHUSHAN, Director, Web and Digital Initiatives, effective August 17, 2015

JESSICA F. SKINNER, Assistant Director of Volunteer Engagement, effective May 25, 2015

MICHAEL A. STEELMAN, Director, Alumni Career Services, effective September 10, 2015

TAYLOR S. STEPHENS, Assistant Dean of Admission, effective October 5, 2015

CHRISTOPHER M. STRATTON, Senior Associate Director, Volunteer Engagement, effective June 10, 2015

JULIE SIZEMORE TUCKER, Marketing Manager, effective July 25, 2015

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The following person has been appointed to fill a vacancy in the instructional faculty:

NGUYEN TRAN, Assistant Professor of Military Science

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The following person has been appointed to to fill a vacancy in the executive faculty:

AMY STOAKLEY SEBRING, Chief Financial Officer, effective January 1, 2016

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The following members of the instructional faculty have been recommended for a designated professorship:

DENISE A. JONES, John S. Quinn Term Professor of Business

KAREN LOCKE, Pat and Margaret Walsh Professor in Leadership and Ethics

NICHOLAS POPPER, Class of 1952 Associate Professor of History

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The following faculty member has requested a leave of absence during the 2015-2016 academic year for the reason given.

ERIC HAN, Associate Professor of History and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, to accept a Japanese Studies Fellowship with the Japan Foundation

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