About the WRC

The College of William and Mary's Writing Resources Center, located on the first floor of Swem Library, offers both writing and oral communication assistance to members of the College community at no charge.

The WRC was established in 1987. In 1994, an Oral Communication Studio was added. In 2009, the WRC moved to Swem Library. Today, the staff includes a faculty director, undergraduate administrators, and undergraduate consultants.

Consultants can assist people at all stages of the writing or oral communication process -  from the idea stage to the revision process. The WRC provides an open, comfortable place for talking about writing and communication based on the understanding that all people can benefit from honest and constructive feedback.

During individual consultations, students will identify the areas on which they want to focus. Together, the student and consultant will explore possibilities for creation and/or revision of the work at hand. Although collaborative, at no time does the consultant take over authorship of a student's work.  Many students come in just to discuss their ideas with an attentive, sympathetic audience.

Students may want to focus on:

  • Developing a thesis
  • Clarifying ideas
  • Organizing the stages in an argument
  • Strengthening specific paragraphs or sentences
  • Improving their delivery for an oral presentation