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Do-It-Yourself Writing Support

Handouts to help you through the writing process.

Download any of our helpful handouts here, or come pick one up in the WCC! For even more do-it-yourself support, see our Re:Sources for Writing page.


Getting Started

Assignment Analysis
Do-It-Yourself Consultations
Generating Ideas
Paper Writing Checklist
Time Management for Writing Papers

Writing Style
Email Etiquette
Interesting Intros
Logical Fallacies
Writing a Conclusion
Thesis Statements
Passive vs. Active Voice
Text Language & Slang
Writing with Conviction
Article Usage
Comma Usage
How and When to Use Who and Whom
The Semicolon
Subject-Verb Agreement
Using That, Which, and Who
Writing Numbers 
Punctuation Patterns 
Using and Citing Sources
Citing Within a Text
Documenting Sources
Incorporating Information
Quoting Smoothly
Special Topics
Avoiding Sexist Language
Book & Article Reviews
Literary Analysis
Professional Letters
Personal Statements
Taking Essay Exams
Writing Abstracts
Oral Communication

Articulation & Voice Exercises
Guidelines For Delivering Speeches
Learning to Relax
Oral Presentations
Reducing Communication Anxiety

All WRC handouts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Checklists for Writing

Checklists for....

This document includes checklists for research papers;  lab reports and scientific papers; book/film/play reviews; cover letters; application essays and personal statements; and using visuals. The checklists were adapted from the Bedford Guide for Writing Tutors, 6th edition.