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Academic Program

Depth meets breadth.

The St Andrews Joint Degree Programme melds the best aspects of two academic traditions: William & Mary's broad liberal arts education combined with St Andrews' depth in a single discipline. This Programme offers you a broad range of academic choices and the opportunity to acquire direct knowledge of two distinct intellectual and national cultures.

The curricula in each of the majors, combined with the Programme's general degree requirements, offers more educational breadth than a traditional St Andrews degree and more specialization than is usual at William & Mary.

You may choose from one of six majors:

You will take required major courses at both W&M and St Andrews. If you apply to the Joint Degree Programme through W&M, you will spend your first year at W&M. Your second year will be at St Andrews. If you apply to the Joint Degree Programme through St Andrews, you'll spend your first year in Scotland, and your second here in Williamsburg. You will work with your advisor to decide how to split the third and fourth years.

The requirements for each of the majors are unique to the Programme. As you progress, you must meet major-specific continuance standards that are detailed in the Catalog Supplement. You will work with an advisor in your major to make sure you stay on track.

Given the demands and requirements of the program, you will not be able to have a double major. With careful planning, you may be able to pursue a W&M minor.

The Programme Guide and Catalog Supplement has detailed degree requirements, continuance standards, and describes the system of grading.