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St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme

Collaborative International Scholarship

  • Robes in the wind
    Robes in the wind  Yup. St Andrews is windy. Yup. You get a robe.  
  • St Andrews Courtyard
    St Andrews Courtyard  This kinda reminds us of the Sunken Garden.  
  • St Salvators Quad
    St Salvators Quad  Kinda like the Wren Courtyard.  
  • Flowers at St Andrews
    Flowers at St Andrews  Because flowers.  
  • St Andrews Classics Building
    St Andrews Classics Building  Well, Morton it ain't.  
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The Joint Degree Programme between William & Mary and the University of St Andrews is one of the few international undergraduate joint degrees offered with a U.S. university. Students complete two years at each institution and earn a single degree — a Bachelor of Arts (International Honours — with the insignia of both institutions).

The Programme offers you a greater range of academic experiences than either school can offer on its own. It gives you the opportunity to experience two distinct intellectual and national cultures. Your studies will have more breadth than a traditional St Andrews degree as well as more specialization than is usual at William & Mary.

William & Mary
University of St Andrews
Williamsburg, Virginia, USA St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Founded in 1693, William & Mary is one of eight "Public Ivy" universities in the United States. W&M offers a broad Liberal Arts education. Regular students at W&M spend a majority of study hours devoted to subjects outside the Major. Students at W&M take courses outside their major for all four years. Founded in 1413, St Andrews is Scotland's top-ranked university. The St Andrews offers less breadth in a degree characterized by increasing depth in a single discipline. In their last two years, regular St Andrews students focus exclusively on their major discipline.