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Back Stage, Working on Props and Sets

{{youtube:medium:center|lHcSingfM8M, "Virginia Shakespeare Festival 2010"}}

In this video, Rachel Taylor '11 offers an unusual back-stage tour of her work as Props/Carpentry Swing for the 2010 Virginia Shakespeare Festival.

She notes the "substantially different experience" between working on student productions and then, as a part-time employee, working as part of the whole production team for a professional theatre production. "I had to build a couple of chairs, and that was a pretty involved process. You can't just hold it together with glue and string, because someone will actually sit on them," Rachel says.

"All the skills that I've either picked up this summer or refined this summer are skills that I can use again on something."

Note: In 2011 Rachel discovered some anomalies in computing speed at William & Mary’s scientific computing complex, SciClone. She hopes to investigate and exploit the anomalies to increase SciClone's computing speed. Read the article.