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The Dance Program emphasizes both creative and technical growth within a liberal arts setting by providing an environment which stimulates inventive thinking through the language of dance. Inherent in the process of creating in the field of dance is the development of leadership skills. Students of choreography are engaged in formulating ideas, teaching and shaping the material created, and participating in the critical appraisal of the work. The Dance Program provides many unique opportunities for the development of independent and critical thinking, an essential part of the choreographic process. Students and faculty are able to interact closely, and faculty share a desire to provide an environment where students are able to take risks and mature in an atmosphere that is both supportive and challenging.

Dance Curriculum:dancemission2

  • Courses in dance technique, beginning through advanced levels, provide students with an opportunity to either study dance for the first time or to build on previous training.  
  • The Dance Minor is designed to give students an in-depth experience of the choreographic process while developing their technical/performance skills and providing a basic historical framework.

Dance Productions:

  • Main Stage: DANCEVENT and An Evening of Dance provide a way to stimulate an interest in the art of dance by bringing regular performances of original choreography to the College and the local community. Student performers learn to work with a sense of responsibility for the artistic works that are created during the rehearsal process. Faculty choreographic research is presented in the Fall DANCEVENT concert while student choreographic research, advised by the faculty, is presented each Spring in An Evening of Dance.
  • Second Season: The Dance Minors Concert allows students to share their work at all levels of development within the Dance minor through a studio concert in Adair Hall.  Group Choreography presents two showings per year. Dance Composition I and II each present a showing at the end of the semester. Faculty and guest artists periodically present work in Adair Studio.