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A Whole Lot of Giving Going On

Click through the slide show below to see how your gifts to the Arts & Sciences Annual Fund are moving the energy forward, and turning ideas into action. It just feels good.

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  • brafferton-nottoway-indenture.png

    An extraordinary new volume reframes the history of William & Mary's Indian School. {{https://www.wm.edu/as/news/brafferton.php, FULL STORY}}
    Building the Brafferton

  • At two events this year, W&M faculty presented their research and engaged audiences in lively discussions of "otherness." {{https://www.wm.edu/as/support/stories/neural-pathways-2019.php, FULL STORY}}
    Neural Pathways + Social Expressions of Otherness

  • Students at Quartz Creek

    From molecules to cells to the environment to stories, students connect the parts to learn the whole. {{https://www.wm.edu/as/support/stories/students-journey-to-learn-the-salmon-tale.php, FULL STORY}}
    Students learn the Salmon Tale

  • We can learn a lot from excavating archaeological sites. But that's just one of many ways our students and faculty reveal the past. {{https://www.wm.edu/as/support/stories/so-many-ways-to-ken-the-past.php, FULL STORY}}
    Archaeology Day

  • At a Write-in, students brainstorm ideas with consultants, then often stay to work on their projects.

    Sometimes a few quick questions and some brainstorming are just the thing for student writing projects. {{https://www.wm.edu/as/news/as-news-archive/2018-19/jump-start-write-in.php, FULL STORY}}
    New “Write-in” sessions at the Writing Resources Center

  • Waving Tunisia flags

    Government Professor Sean Burns: “Tunisia is the birthplace of the Arab Spring, and the one Arab Spring country that has successfully transitioned to democracy." {{https://www.wm.edu/as/news/as-news-archive/2018-19/political-science-on-the-ground.php, FULL STORY}}
    Students learn Political Science on the ground

  • Ceiling mural at Washington Hall

    Réunion artists Kid Kreol and Boogie came to campus for a five-day visit. They left a lasting impression. {{https://www.wm.edu/as/news/as-news-archive/2018-19/reunion-artists.php, FULL STORY}}
    New ceiling mural at Washington Hall