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Not a Sociology Major?

Even if you don't decide to major or minor in Sociology, we highly recommend that students take at least some of our courses, as we believe we have a lot to offer. Students across a wide range of majors tell us that our courses help them better understand their everyday lives, their communities, and the world at large. Sociology courses will shed new light on your social media feed, and offer unique career skills for whatever path you choose.

Our courses often directly complement other majors on campus. For example, Education majors might take our Sociology of Education course. Those on a pre-med track might take our Medical Sociology course. Students in International Relations might take our Globalization and International Development course. Many of these topical courses do not have prerequisites, but we recommend that students who have yet to take a Sociology course check with the professor before registering for courses numbered over 300.

Sociology courses are an important part of several interdisciplinary programs including: American Studies, Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies, Public Policy, Africana Studies, Environmental Science & Policy, and International Relations.