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Co-Authored Publications

Take a look at the peer-reviewed research Sociology faculty have co-authored with undergraduate students (*).
  • Hadlock, Jordan* and Brent Z. Kaup. 2024. “Locking-in white-nose syndrome? The limits of the endangered species act and non-charismatic megafauna.” Environmental Sociology 10:1:135-145.
  • Bickham Mendez, Jennifer, Amy Quark, and Kayla Aaron*. 2023. The Politics of School Rezoning: Race, Settler Colonialism, and Private Property. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 9(2):135-149.
  • Farber, Reya and Abigail Taylor*. 2023. Global Health Diplomacy and Commodified Health Care: Health Tourism in Malaysia and Thailand. Studies in Comparative International Development.
  • FarrHenderson, Maya* and Amy Quark. 2022. Autopsy of an International Alternative Break: Student Volunteers and the New Washington Consensus. Sociology of Development 8(2):192- 212.
  • Quark, Amy, Kristen Hopewell, and Elias Alsbergas*. 2022. Inter-State Competition and Transnational Capitalists across the North-South Divide: Different Strategies, New Configurations of Power. Social Problems 69(2):418-435.
  • Kaup, Brent Z., Matthew Abel*, and Amanda Sikirica*. 2021. “Individualized Environments, Individual Cures: An Examination of Lyme Disease Activism in Virginia. Environment and Planning E 4:2:545-563.
  • Sohoni, Deenesh and Yosselin Turcios.* 2020. “Discarded Loyalty: The Deportation of Immigrant Veterans.” Lewis and Clark Law Review. Vol. 24: 1285-1337.
  • Quark, Amy and Rachel Lienesch*. 2017. Scientific Boundary Work and Food Regime Transitions: The Double Movement and the Science of Food Safety Regulation. Agriculture &
    Human Values, 34(3):645-661.
  • Kaup, Brent Z., and Daniel Casey.* 2016. “Coalition of injustice? Bodies, business, and the biosphere in struggles against unwanted land uses.” Environmental Politics 25:3:494-512.
  • Sohoni, Deenesh and Amin Vafa.* 2010. “The Fight to be American: Military Naturalization and Asian Citizenship.” Asian American Law Journal. Vol. 17: 119-151.
    • Cited in- Lawson v. US Citizenship and Immigration Servs. 795 F. Supp. 2d 283- Dist. Court, SD New York 2011.
  • Linneman, Thomas J. and Margaret A. Clendenen (2010). “Sexuality and the Secular.” In Atheism and Secularity, edited by Phil Zuckerman. Westport, CT: Praeger.