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Student Eligibility

Internship funding is available to enrolled/continuing W&M undergraduate students, who have received 60 credits and are majoring in Public Policy.  International students (F1/J1 visas) may apply; however, they should consider any effect the award would have on tax status -- please consult the Reves Center for more information.  Awards are limited to one per student per year.  Applicants must have a minimum 2.75 GPA at the time of application and remain in good standing throughout the internship. If the student's Spring cumulative GPA falls below 2.75, the funding award will be subject to review.  Applicants need to be in good disciplinary status with W&M as well and the selection process will involve a review of Dean of Student’s records.  Students who have honor code or academic or disciplinary conduct violations are ineligible for internship funding under this Fellowship Program.  In addition, students are ineligible for the program if they transfer or withdraw from W&M before, during, or after the internship is completed.  Graduating students and other students not returning to take courses in the Fall following the Summer internship are not eligible.

Internship Eligibility

Internships supported under this Fellowship Program must involve substantive public policy work, which includes the formulation and/or evaluation of international, national, state, or local government policies or programs.  This work can take place in government agencies, private consulting firms, advocacy organizations, or other organizations involved in public policy, and is not limited to any geographic location.  The student internship experience can include varied types of activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Attend briefings and seminars where policies are discussed
  • Assist in the research and writing of reports, fact sheets, issue briefs, and proposals
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative data
  • Evaluate programs
  • Conduct cost-benefit analyses
  • Review regulations
  • Perform legal, legislative, and economic research

The following activities fall outside the scope of eligible public policy internships:  providing direct services to people; political canvassing; fundraising; participating in independent or unsupervised internships; participating in internships through fee-based programs; working at W&M; or working at an internship site owned or managed by an intern’s family member.

Students who are interested in working in a non-public policy internship are encouraged to seek funding through other internship programs under W&M’s Funding for Unpaid Summer Experiences (FUSE).

If you have any questions about eligible public policy internships, please contact Elaine McBeth (; 221-2386).

Employer Eligibility

Federal law requires payment of interns unless the internship satisfies criteria outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor.  W&M cannot determine whether any internship satisfies the U.S. Department of Labor criteria. To help ensure that W&M students are provided with beneficial internships, W&M requires all employers participating in the program to certify that they have reviewed and will abide by the U.S. Department of Labor criteria established in the FLSA (Fair Labor and Standards Act).  Employers must submit an online verification form related to FLSA prior to receiving any financial award.