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2013 Commencement

  • Matthew C. Argao
    Matthew C. Argao  "Automatic Mode-Matching of Gaussian Beams," with Prof. Mikhailov. After graduation, he's applying to medical school.  
  • Roque Azpurua
    Roque Azpurua  "Flow Dynamics in an In-Water Algal Growth Systems," with Prof. Cooke. After graduation, he's going to Columbia University for the Earth and Environmental engineering program.  
  • Bain Bronner
    Bain Bronner  "Using Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators to Accurately Track Temperature Fluctuations," with Prof. Mikhailov. - Actively seeking employment  
  • Daniel J. Brooker
    Daniel J. Brooker  "Infrared Reflectance of Materials at Elevated and Cryogenic Temperatures," with Prof. Qazilbash. After graduation, he will go on to grad school in physics at the University of Florida.  
  • Evan C. Crisman
    Evan C. Crisman  "Studies of Transmission and Reflection for an Anisotropic Thin Film System," with Prof. Novikova. After graduation, he'll attend the Univeristy of Pennsylvania in the medical physics program.  
  • Aaron N. Dantley
    Aaron N. Dantley  "Comparing and Improving Quark Models for Triply Bottom Baryon Spectrum," with Prof. Carlson. Actively seeking employment  
  • Jonathan R. Fischer
    Jonathan R. Fischer  "Ground State of Disordered Graphene Heterostructures," with Prof. Rossi. After graduation, he will be attending grad school at the University of California, Berkeley in statistics.  
  • Travis A. Hellman
    Travis A. Hellman  "Stochastic Processes and Derivative Pricing," with Prof. Orginos. After graduation he will be contributing to humanitarian aid in Mogadishu.  
  • Patrick K. King
    Patrick K. King  "Generalizing Holographic Superconductors," with Prof. Erlich. After graduation, he'll enter University of Virginia's Ph.D. program in Astronomy as a Jefferson Fellow.  
  • Thomas S. Lever
    Thomas S. Lever  "Determining the Best Time to Remove a Ventilator from an Apneatic Baby Based on Graphs of Biophysical Signal Data vs. Time," with Prof. Delos. After graduation he will work on a farm at Twin Oaks Intentional Community.  
  • Matthew A. Loftus
    Matthew A. Loftus  "Investigation of Radiation Detectors with Silicon Photomultiplier Readout," with Prof. Kordosky. After graduation he'll be pursuing employment in New Zealand.  
  • Thomas E. Lowery
    Thomas E. Lowery  "A Dark Energy Timeline for the Universe," with Prof. Sher. After graduation he'll spend a year working for non-profit with the Episcopal Service Corps in San Francisco.  
  • Colin C. Manning
    Colin C. Manning  "Fabricating and Measuring a Cylindrical Mirror for the BigBite Gas Cherenkov," with Prof. Averett. - Actively seeking employment  
  • Wyatt L. Meldman-Floch
    Wyatt L. Meldman-Floch  "Analysis of Di-Hadron Azimuthal Spin Asymmetries in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering using CLAS at JLab," with Prof. Griffioen. After graduation, he'll take a job as a data analyst with Apsalar in San Francisco.  
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The Physics Department held its commencement ceremony honoring the 2013 graduating class last May 12 at 2:30 PM.  The ceremony was held on the Small Hall Lawn (Small Hall 110 in case of inclement weather).

This year we awarded 14 graduates a Bachelor of Science in physics, and 13 students received a Masters of Science in physics.  Another 9 students received there Ph.D.  See our Graduate Studies page for the full list of Ph.D. candidates and dissertation topics.

 Every year, we recognize those students who stand out among their peers as particularly outstanding in their classes or their research.  This year, two students from each of our sophomore, junior, and senior classes received awards.  You can see all our award winners at our Undergraduate Awards page.

See our 2013 commencement photo gallery!