Recent Ph.D. Recipients

Hardcopies of all dissertations are available at the Physics library. Scanned copies are available through UMI ProQuest (which requires an institutional subscription). Locally hosted final copies are linked below where available. Listed is the first position of employment after graduation.


Matthew Perry Nerem, "Experiments and Theory on Dynamical Hamiltonian Monodromy" Advisor: J. Delos


Scott Kevin Barcus, "Extraction and Parametrization of Isobaric Trinucleon Elastic Cross Sections and Form Factors" Advisor: T. Averett

Shikha Chandra Chaurasia,
"Beyond the Standard Model: Flavor Symmetry, Nonperturbative Unification, Quantum Gravity, and Dark Matter" Advisor: C. Carone

William Winsor Dickinson
, "Interfacial Forces of 2D Materials at the Oil–Water Interface" Advisor: H. Schniepp

Brandon Kyle Eskridge ,
"Local Embedding and Effective Downfolding in the Auxiliary-Field Quantum Monte Carlo Method" Advisor: H. Krakauer

Michael Chaim Freid, "Topics in Proton Structure: BSM Answers to its Radius Puzzle and Lattice Subtleties within its Momentum Distribution" Advisor: C. Carlson

Yohanes Satrio Gani
, "Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional van der Waals Systems" Advisor: E. Rossi

Joseph Matheson Karpie
, "The Extraction of Parton Distributions from Lattice QCD" Advisor: K. Orginos

Andrew James Pyle,
"Scattering a Bose-Einstein Condensate off a Modulated Barrier" Advisor: S. Aubin