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Professors Peers and Zhou win prestigious NSF CAREER awards

Professor Pieter Peers Prof. Peer's $473K award is for a 5-year project starting on January 2014 and is titled "Large Scale Appearance Modeling". Creating digital representations of the appearance of everyday objects and scenes suitable for photorealistic revisualization from novel viewpoints and under novel lighting conditions is a difficult problem. While great progress has been made in digitizing the appearance of small objects under controlled laboratory conditions, accurately digitizing the appearance of objects and scenes that cannot be brought into the lab, such as statues and buildings, remains an unsolved problem. Pieter, working with his students, will investigate novel appearance representations and modeling techniques suitable for in-situ appearance modeling of large-scale scenes and objects under uncontrolled ambient lighting.

Professor Gang Zhou Prof. Zhou's $460K award is for a 5-year project starting in October 2013 and is titled "Exploiting Sensing Diversity and Conquering Communication Reality to Meet User Requirements in Performance-Critical Wireless Sensor Networks". This award will support Prof. Zhou and his students in research on exploiting sensing diversity and conquering communication reality to meet user requirements in performance-critical wireless sensor networks. The proposed research will enable meeting performance requirements in a number of critical application domains, including homeland security and surveillance, healthcare and assisted living, natural and physical hazard detection, even when complexity and uncertainty exist in the deployed environment.