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Undergraduate Program

The Neuroscience Program offers a B.S. in Neuroscience. Neuroscience is a rigorous interdisciplinary study of the nervous system. It integrates the function of molecules, cells, and networks as they give rise to fully formed behavioral and cognitive processes. Neuroscience training is founded in the molecular mechanisms of cellular physiology and the unique properties of neural excitable membranes and of signaling. These fundamental concepts provide the basis for understanding complex cognitive and behavioral responses to internal and external environments.

Program Objectives
  1. To provide all of our students with a broad-based understanding of the neurosciences, with the opportunity to focus their studies in advanced topics;
  2. To prepare students for advanced study at the graduate and professional levels, including in cellular and molecular physiology, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, and the biomedical fields;
  3. To promote student engagement in original and independent research;
  4. And to foster interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving through a diverse faculty, the curriculum, symposia, and neuroscience-related events.

For success in the Neuroscience Program a student must:

  1. Perform at a high level in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Psychological Sciences.
  2. Demonstrate mastery of the concepts presented in required coursework, and their interdisciplinary application to neuroscience;
  3. And develop a clear focus in elective coursework and research experience in collaboration with a faculty advisor/mentor.

Students who have successfully completed this program are prepared for graduate study and for careers in academic and biomedical research, medicine, and healthcare-related fields.