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After Graduation

What Can Students Do With a Degree in Hispanic Studies?

A liberal arts education-from William & Mary, prepares you not for one job, but for any job, career, or profession. Not only that, but you will be able to make changes of career more easily than your peers without a liberal arts education.

In the Hispanic Studies program you have the benefits of a liberal arts education, plus you receive excellent training in research methods and critical thinking. As you work through your courses, you will develop language fluency and cultural competency. You may have done an internship, participated in independent research, service learning, study abroad, or other international experiences. Employers look for people with this sort of profile.

Hispanic Studies alumni have found careers in

  • law,
  • business,
  • medicine,
  • teaching,
  • social services,
  • public health, and
  • other professions that require an understanding of Hispanic communities, markets, and clienteles.

Our graduates apply for Fulbright Scholarships, and the Cultural Ambassadors program in Spain. Others go into the Peace Corps, teach English abroad, or work in non-profits for a year or two. Then, they take that experience to pursue graduate studies in Hispanic cultural studies, or related fields.

Explore options and discuss potential trajectories with your Hispanic Studies faculty and major advisor. Advisors at the Cohen Career Center also have useful guidance on searching for appropriate internships and jobs.