Undergraduate Program

Our approach to Hispanic Studies transcends the traditional course of Spanish studies that are limited to only literature and language. Our faculty believe that it is through the study of diverse forms of cultural production (film, art, popular culture, journalism) that students become fluent and learn about significant political and historical events, complex socio-cultural issues, and community engagement. All Hispanic Studies concentrators complete a mentored field research experience in Hispanic culture that is linked to the curriculum. This practicum may be tied to service-learning, study abroad, an internship, and is always scholarly in nature.

  • Number of graduating concentrators in the Class of  2016: 20
  • Number of full-time faculty: 11

Our faculty strongly believe in the value of faculty-student collaboration in research and study abroad programs. Between 2008 and 2010, faculty-student teams have conducted research in Spain, Argentina, and the U.S. border with Mexico.

Our program also offers opportunities for students to conduct research abroad through our faculty-led summer program in Cadiz, Spain. Students develop projects supervised by W&M faculty and take courses at a local university.

Additionally, students may participate in faculty-led summer programming, such as the pilgrimage along Spain's famed Camino de Santiago or enroll in a service-learning course in Teaching English in elementary schools in Nicaragua and design service-learning  projects. There are two semester-long William and Mary programs in Seville, Spain, and La Plata, Argentina, that offer internships or service-learning along with courses in literature, art, contemporary culture, and language.