Mentored Student Research in Cadiz

Since 2003, students have completed research projects abroad on topics related to today's Spain including immigration, youth cultures, gender and politics, the cultures of historical memory, sport and identity, religion, education and tourism. For undergraduates to "hit the ground running," in an unfamiliar city, in another country, and successfully complete a research project in a foreign language, is no small feat. But every summer, our students accomplish more than they dreamed possible.

Some Cádiz project titles:

  • The Flavor of Spain: Food and the Construction of Spanish Identity
  • Cultural Changes in Spain: The Demise of the Siesta
  • Arabic Influence on Religious Music in Cádiz
  • Plazas and Shopping Centers: A Study of Public Space in Spain
  • The Culture of Fishing Villages in 21st-Century Southern Spain
  • Racism in Spanish Soccer
  • PeZas de Flamenco: Feminine Space and the Place of Flamenco in Spain
  • Gender Roles and Domestic Abuse in Spain
  • Domestic Violence and the Media in Spain Today
  • Cádiz: City Planning and The Construction of Culture
  • Promised Land: Spain and Modern African Immigration
  • Cante flamenco as Social Critique in Spain
  • Culture Clash?: Muslims in Spain Today
  • Gypsies: The Other Within
  • "Authentic" Flamenco: Tourism, Consumer Culture and Tradition