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Professors Ramanathan and Brix publish new work

Professor Sowmya Ramanathan and Professor Catherine Brix's collaboration has brought forth a significant contribution to make accesible to English speaker students the work of Diamela Eltit, a prominent Chilean author known for her innovative writing style and poignant critique of Pinochet's dictatorship and neoliberalism in Chile.

Translated for the first time into English, this collection of Eltit's essays offers readers a unique opportunity to explore her central concerns as both a writer and intellectual. Delving into themes such as the neoliberal marketplace, the marginalization of bodies in society, questions of gender and power, struggles for memory, truth, and justice after dictatorship, as well as the intricate relationships among politics, ethics, and aesthetics, these essays provide profound insights into Eltit's thought-provoking work. In a world marked by restriction and violence, Eltit's writings offered a bold and incisive critique of authoritarian power and discourse, making this collection a crucial resource for anyone interested in Chilean literature and the politics of memory.

Eltit's essays, divided into three sections, delve into profound reflections on the dictatorship and its lasting impacts, the role of literary writing as a form of cultural resistance, and the value of collaboration and community in challenging oppressive regimes. In a climate of restriction and violence, Eltit fearlessly embraced an insurrectional poetics, questioning authoritarian power and discourse at their core.

This collection not only sheds light on Eltit's groundbreaking work but also serves as a testament to the power of literature in challenging injustice and oppression. Congratulations to Professors Ramanathan and Brix for their tremendous achivement, from which, all of us, both scholars and students, will benefit.