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Noetica: Journal of Global Premodern Studies

Interested in intellectual dialogue and academic exchange? What insights can we draw from the past?


Noetica is a student-founded undergraduate research journal seeking to promote the highest level of erudition. Our motto, Eruditio flumen vivendi, or "Knowledge is the flow of living", reflects our mission to uplift bright thinkers by providing them the opportunity to be recognized for their intellectual endeavors. Noetica encourages submissions of scholarly papers bridging the past and the present as well as creative submissions which offer commentary or nuance to the discourse. We are affiliated with the interdisciplinary Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program at William & Mary. Learn more about how to submit or get involved below.

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Submission Requirements 

All submissions must meet these requirements in order to be considered for final review.

  1. Topics may vary, however, the intent of scholarship must focus on or establish a connection with the global premodern.
  2. Length of papers must constitute anywhere between 2500-8000 words
  3. Chicago 16th ed. citation style
  4. Submissions may fall under one or more of the following review committee concentrations:
  • Politics and Economics
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Society and Culture
  • Art and Literature
  • Anthropology and Theory
  • Law and Government
  • Science and Technology
Submissions Email


Terry Flannery

Submissions Editor

Jacob Conrod

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Alexander Angelov