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Not a Math Major?

Every graduate of William & Mary must be able to demonstrate basic proficiency in mathematics. This is done in one of three ways:

  1. Transfer or test credit for a course in calculus or statistics
  2. Completion of any W&M course in calculus or statistics
  3. Completion of any W&M course with a "MATH" attribute. (Here's where to start.)

In addition, students graduating during or after 2019 must take at least one 3-credit course COLL 200 course based in the Natural and Quantitative Reasoning (NQR) domain. Math Powered Flight (MATH 104) will fulfill this requirement, but is not open to students with credit for a mathematics course above 210.

Many students would benefit from additional study in mathematics - including majors in physics, computer science or biology; or students who plan a career path that involves data analysis or modeling. Work with your faculty advisor to determine which MATH courses would best support your chosen field of study.