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Major Writing Requirement

All W&M students must meet the Major Writing Requirement. Courses that fulfill this requirement teach you to to write according to standards accepted by your discipline. They provide a series of opportunities for you to practice and develop your writing. With guidance from your professor, you will improve your ability to write clearly and effectively.

You will take the course to fulfill the writing requirement after you declare your major - sometime in your junior or senior year. If you have two majors, the requirement applies in both majors.

Courses that Meet the Major Writing Requirement in Kinesiology
  • KINE 352 Nutrition of the Brain (COLL 200, NQR) 
  • KINE 393 Health Ethics (COLL 400)
  • KINE 405 Maternal, Neonatal, & Child Health (PreReq: KINE 270 or KINE 280 or KINE 290)
  • KINE 401 Neurophysiology of Aging (PreReq: KINE 304 or BIOL 345)(COLL 400, NQR)
  • KINE 455 Physiology of Obesity (PreReq: KINE 304 or BIOL 225) (COLL 400)
  • KINE 470 & 471 Independent Study in Kinesiology
  • KINE 480 & 481 Kinesiology Research
  • KINE 493 Philosophy in Kinesiology (COLL 200, ALV)
  • KINE 495 & 496 Honors
  • KINE 498 Internship (PreReq: Kinesiology Major) (COLL 400)