The Majors

For students interested in majoring in Kinesiology & Health Sciences, we offer two degree options with three different concentrations:

  • The B.S. degree features a rigorous science based curriculum. Students who choose the B.S. typically plan to go into a career or graduate program in the health sciences. You may - but are not required to - select one of the following concentrations:
    • Allied Health: this concentration is appropriate if you wish to pursue a career in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Nursing, or other allied health disciplines. (See Advising for more details)
    • Pre-Med: this concentration is appropriate if you plan to go into Medical School after W&M.
    • Public Health: this concentration is appropriate as preparation for further study or employment in the public health or global health sectors. 
  • The B.A. degree offers the opportunity to get a broad understanding of human health while allowing flexibility in choosing courses. If you choose the B.A., you will work with your major advisor to choose courses that support your interests and future plans. Students often choose the B.A. as part of a double major. 

A major difference between the B.S. and B.A. is that to earn the B.S. you must complete three additional courses in computer science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, geology or physics. See the Undergraduate Catalog for the complete requirements of each option.

All of our majors are encouraged to participate in research: either by working as a research assistant in one of our research laboratories, as part of an internship, or by conducting their own project through independent study or the Honors program.

Most health-sector graduate and professional schools accept students with any major. Your choice of major and/or concentration does not limit your future options. See our advising pages for details.