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Private Giving

Please consider supporting our, or rather your, department as we continue to grow and improve. Unfortunately, our teaching and research facilities still need lots of help – your help – so that we may improve the student experience here in Adair Hall. We would love for our facilities to match the quality of our students and faculty, but we have a long way to go. Please help us achieve that goal!!

You can contribute online now with your credit card, using our secure web server. The contribution form will be pre-selected to direct your gift to the general academic fund for the Kinesiology Department, which supports student and faculty needs directly. More ways to contribute.

Give Now to Kinesiology

Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships

In the Department of Kinesiology we have found that full-time participation in summer research is often times a transformative experience for our undergraduate majors. Although external grant support secured by our faculty to support their research usually provides the funding needed for these research opportunities, those funds alone cannot support the many students who want to take part in summer research. Please consider donating funds to sponsor students who desire a focused research experience during the summer when they are able to devote more of their time and energy to the kind of in depth, hands-on learning that faculty mentored research can provide. For details on how you can help, please contact the Arts & Sciences Development office at 757-221-3712, or by email at: [[as-development]].

Improvements to KINE Student Laboratory

I am sure any of our alumni who took Human Physiology Lab, Exercise Physiology Lab, or Biomechanics Lab prior to Fall 2010 will remember taking the lab in the basement of W&M Hall! It was not the most enjoyable location, though we tried to update the site with removing the carpet and putting in tile floor and adding a portable sink. Nothing could help the room. Since then the department has moved the student laboratories to Adair Hall, room 108. Over the past year we have continued to better the lab experience. New desks, fume hoods for experiments, and wet lab area were installed at a cost of more than $5,500 from the department’s maintenance and operations budget. But this budget is quite limited and must also be used to pay for normal operational items like computers, etc. Your donations can make a big difference in elevating the quality of the teaching and student research labs in which our students spend so much time and effort. Please help us in our efforts to improve the learning experiences offered to current and future Kinesiology majors.

Adair Hall room 108
Student Lab, Adair Hall 108, left side Student Lab, Adair Hall 108, right side