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Independent Study

Kinesiology Sciences Research (KINE 480 and 481) gives you the opportunity to do laboratory or field research on a project of your choosing for one semester. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Be Part of a Larger Project

You could work with a faculty member as part of a study that is already in progress. Most of the research done in our faculty labs are complex, with several variables. Your project could focus on just one of those variables. Your work would include the literature review, data gathering, statistical analysis, and results of that variable.

This option is a good way to learn advanced laboratory techniques and research procedures while not becoming overwhelmed.

Going Solo

If you wish to do a study by yourself, you will still do your work under the direct supervision of a faculty advisor. You will meet with your project advisor regularly during the project. A faculty member must be present for all data gathering involving human subjects.

If you do a solo project, you will

Studies involving only one variable are the most suitable for student projects that are not part of a current faculty project.