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Carrie Dolan

Assistant Professor

Office: Adair Hall 112
Phone: 757-221-2971
Email: [[cbdolan]]
Research web page: {{https://www.wm.edu/offices/global-research/projects/ignite/index.php}}

Area of Specialization
Development Assistance for Health, Global Health, and Geospatial Impact Evaluations

Dr. Dolan's research examines the allocation of health aid within the context of effectiveness, efficiency, and equity. Through combining household panels with geographically-referenced data, Carrie’s research determines the contribution of health aid on key health outcomes. She earned a MPH in Epidemiology from Tulane University and a PhD in Healthcare Policy and Research from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

  • Ph.D., Healthcare Policy and Research, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, 2017
  • Certificate, Geographic Information Systems, Pennsylvania State University, 2011
  • MPH, Epidemiology, Tulane University, 2004‐2005
  • BS (Distinction) Community Health Education, Anthropology (Minor),

    East Carolina University, 1997‐2000

Courses Taught
  • Foundations of Epidemiology (KINE 270)
  • Research Methods in International Health (KINE 369)
  • Health Policy (KINE 460)
  • Independent Study (KINE 470, 471)
  • Kinesiology and Health Sciences Research (KINE 480, 480)
Peer Reviewed Publications
  • Dolan CB, McDade KK. Pulling the purse strings: Are there sectoral differences in political preferencing of Chinese aid to Africa?. PloS one. 2020 Apr 22;15(4):e0232126.
  • G Arbia, P Berta, CB Dolan "Measurement error induced by locational uncertainty when estimating discrete choice models with a distance as a regressor" arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.01849 (2019)
  • CB Dolan "An Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity Approach to Examining Subnational Health Aid" Lessons on Foreign Aid and Economic Development, 63-81 (2019)
  • Dolan CB, BenYishay A, Grépin KA, Tanner JC, Kimmel AD, Wheeler DC, et al. (2019) The impact of an insecticide treated bednet campaign on all-cause child mortality: A geospatial impact evaluation from the Democratic Republic of Congo. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0212890. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0212890

  • R Marty, S Goodman, M LeFew, C Dolan, A BenYishay, D Runfola 'Assessing the causal impact of Chinese aid on vegetative land cover in Burundi and Rwanda under conditions of spatial imprecision" Development Engineering 4, 100038 (2019)
  • CB Dolan "Health aid projects have both expanded and constrained the capacity of health facilities to deliver malaria services to under-five children in Malawi" BMJ Global Health 3 (6), e001051 (2018)

  • Marty R, Dolan C, Runfola D, and Leu, M. "Taking the Health Aid Debate to the Subnational Level: The Impact and Allocation of Foreign Health Aid in Malawi.' BMJ Global Health 2, n0.1(2017):e000129
  • Ickes S, Mahoney E, Roberts A, and Dolan C. "Parental Involvement in a School‐Based Child Physical Activity and Nutrition Program in Southeastern United States: A Qualitative Analysis of Parenting Capacities.' Health Promotion Practice 17, n0.2 (2016): 285‐296
  • Mellor J, Dolan C, Rapoport R. Child Body Mass Index, Obesity, and Proximity to Fast Food Restaurants. International Journal of Pediatric Obesity, 6(1):60‐68 February 2011
  • Vasiliu O, Stover J, Mays M, Bissette J, Dolan C, Sirbu C. Providing Mailing Cost Reimbursements: The Effect on Reporting Timeliness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Virginia. Public Health Reports, 124 (supplement 2), 2009
  • Stover J, Kheirallah K, Delcher P, Dolan C, Johnson L. Improving Surveillance of Sexually Transmitted Diseases through Geocoded Morbidity Assignment. Public Health Reports, 124 (supplement 2), 2009
  • Dolan CB, Delcher C. Health Disparities: Poverty and HIV/STDs in Virginia. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 35 (12), December 2008
  • Figueroa JP, Dolan CB, Dale D, Hileman SB, Weir SS. An Assessment of Sites Where Persons Go to Meet Sexual Partners in St. James, Jamaica Using the PLACE Method. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 34(6):410‐415, June 2007