Private Support Connects the Dots

Taking aim at the No. 1 ranking nationwide

Alena Stern '12

Connecting the Dots
Alena Stern '12, a double major in International Relations and Economics, applied in her freshman year to work at the College's Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations. After geo-coding for the Mapping for Results initiative, she spent fall 2010 completing a practicum at the UNICEF office in Kampala, Uganda. She returned to Uganda in summer 2011 to work on an AidData crowd-sourcing research project. In fall 2011 she co-authored and presented a paper in Montreal, discussing how exposure to the policy-making process influences the way IR scholars conduct research.

We have good news. Among primarily undergraduate colleges and universities, our program in International Relations ranks among the top five nationwide.

That high regard comes in part from the excellent credentials of our faculty members and students. It also speaks to the unique learning environment we have created for students—supported in part by private contributions.

Here are some examples of the opportunities we offer our students:

  • The Monitor, our student journal that aims to publish original research on contemporary and historical international issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives (we help pay for this).
  • Guest speakers, as with the College's  Reves International Affairs Lecture series   (we sponsor and co-sponsor these kinds of events).
  • Student research and presentations at professional conferences (sometimes we help with research costs and travel expenses). 
  • The College's Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations (our students can gain practical experience as research assistants).

To subsidize these value-added experiences we draw on private funds contributed to our expendable account. The larger that fund, the more we can do. You can help.

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Where We Go from Here

With your contribution to our expendable fund, we can connect more dots and provide an even better learning environment. Contributions of any size are welcome—often the amount needed is fairly modest and still makes a crucial difference. 

If you're inclined to think big, we have some big ideas, too. Together, we can move our International Relations program into the #1 ranking nationwide.