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Private Support Connects the Dots

Taking aim at the No. 1 ranking nationwide

Morgan Pincombe '21

An Interview with Morgan Pincombe '21:

How has being an IR major shaped your education at W&M?

Being an IR major has allowed me to simultaneously pursue my interests in sociology, political science, and economics. As an interdisciplinary major, IR allows students to take classes across several departments, gaining exposure to different professors, methodologies, theories, and disciplinary approaches.

If not for IR, I would not have discovered my interest in sociology and its foundational concern with marginalized populations. My IR major also gave me the opportunity to continue taking French classes and study abroad in Senegal, with some of the classes I took overseas fulfilling requirements for my major.

Among primarily undergraduate colleges and universities, our program in International Relations ranks among the top five nationwide.

That reputation comes in part from the excellent credentials of our faculty members and students. It also speaks to the unique learning environment we have created for students - supported in part by private contributions. Contribute now to help us keep up the good work!

Here are some examples of the opportunities we offer our students:

  • The Monitor, our student journal that aims to publish original research on contemporary and historical international issues (we help pay for this).
  • Guest speakers and other campus events (we sponsor and co-sponsor these opportunities).
  • Student research and presentations at professional conferences (we help with research costs and travel expenses). 
  • William & Mary's Global Research Institute (where our students can gain practical experience as research assistants and can publish articles with faculty).

To support these value-added experiences, we rely on private funds given by supporters of the International Relations Program. The larger that fund, the more we can do. You can help!

With your gift, we can connect more dots and provide an even better learning environment. Contributions of any size are welcome - often the amount needed is fairly modest and still makes a crucial difference.

If you're inclined to think big, we have some big ideas, too. Together, we can move our International Relations Program into the #1 ranking nationwide.

For additional ways to give, visit our More Ways to Contribute page.