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Paula Pickering

Associate Professor of Government

Office: Tyler Hall 343
Email: [[pmpick]]
Office Phone: 757-221-3038
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Areas of Specialization

Ethnic politics, democratization, and international intervention in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet states


She has worked as an analyst on Eastern Europe and as a political officer in Turkmenistan for the State Department. She has also served a human rights officer for the Organization for Security in Cooperation in Europe in Bosnia-Hercegovina.


Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Michigan, 2001; B.A. in International Relations, Stanford University, 1989.

Freshman Seminar: Nationalism in the Balkans

Politics of Eastern Europe

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Russian/Post-Soviet Politics


Her book, The Ground Floor of Peacebuilding: Grassroots Influence in the Balkans, will be published by Cornell University Press in 2007.

Recent publications include "Generating Bridging Social Capital in the Balkans," in Ethnic and Racial Studies,, 29/1 January 2006, as well as chapters in Feldman, Martha, Jeannine Bell, and Michele Berger, eds., Gaining Access: The Inside Story, and in Keridis, Dimitris, ed., New Approaches to Balkan Studies.

Several works in progress includes: "Explaining political moderation after inter-ethnic violence in the Balkans,"  and "The Impact of Lessons Learned about Western Intervention for Political Moderation in the Balkans."


Ethnic politics, particularly in the Balkans; post-conflict reconstruction; democratization in Eastern Europe and post-Soviet Central Asia; and refugee politics.