M.A. Alumni Placement and Achievement

Note: This is a complete directory of placement information for all M.A. graduate alumni going back to 1949 (our information is pretty sketchy before then). If your name should be on this list and it's not or if you have new placement information, please contact the [[gradap, Director of Graduate Studies]].


  • Daniella Bassi
  • Christina Beck
  • Madalyn Bell
  • Shannon Christensen, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Sanuel Florer
  • Ian Halter
  • Joan Jockel, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • James Franklin Lowe
  • Alexandra Macdonald, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Anne Powell, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Maddison Rhoa
  • Jane Snyder


  • Frances BellDoctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Rebecca CapobiancoDoctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Connor Fenton
  • Holly Gruntner, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Benjamin Medina
  • Cody Nager
  • Mitchell OxfordDoctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Samuel I. Packer
  • James RickDoctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Kaila SchwartzDoctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Katherine Thurlow
  • Andrew Vickory
  • Emily WellsDoctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Jackie Wheelock, teacher, Christchurch School, Virginia




  • Kristen E. Beales, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Lynch Bennet, Product Marketing Associate, Affinion Group
  • Amelia M. Butler, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Alexandra M. Gross,
  • Ashley Irizarry, Development Associate-Assistant, Nova Southeastern University Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale
  • Matthew Morrison - Arts and Sciences Development Assistant, The College of William & Mary
  • Charles Murray,
  • Shannon Retzback, Stewardship Coordinator, The College of William & Mary
  • Samuel SchuthLibrary Resource Sharing Specialist, The University of Richmond
  • Kathryn E. Snyder, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Ian E. Tonat, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary


  • Hannah E. Bailey, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Cara A. Elliott, Doctoral Candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Patrick J. Hussey, 
  • Peter Jones, Research Associate at Morgan, Angel & Associates, LLC
  • Katherine Madison, Marketing Intern and Research Assistant, KeboWorks Strategic Marketing Services
  • Skylar Reidy
  • Rebecca Rusek, Substitute Teacher at Anthony ISD, New Mexico
  • Casey S. Schmitt, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Kaylan Stevenson, Manuscript Editor, Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture
  • Rachel ThomasUniversity Archivist at George Fox University
  • Lauren Wallace
  • Samuel S. Wells, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Andrea Williams
  • Emily H. Wright 
  • Elizabeth Yohn, Research Consultant, Education at Hanover Research


  • Laura M. Ansley, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Anna M. Cloninger, Senior Consultant, Deloitte
  • Hannah C. Craddock, Annual Giving Coordinator, Thomas Nelson Community College
  • Alexandra J. Finley, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Jennifer Garrott, Associate Producer for C-SPAN's American History TV
  • Shannon E. Goings, 
  • Aaron Gregory- History Department at Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, VA.
  • Jennifer L. Petrafesa, 
  • Leigh A. Soares, 
  • Ryan B. Tanner-Read, History & Politics Teacher, Oldfields School
  • Sarah E. Thomas, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Holly N. White, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary


  • Maria D. Booth, Doctoral Candidate at Rutgers University
  • Jack CohenDevelopment Manager with the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
  • Heather DiAngelis, Senior Production Editor at American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Kate Egner Gruber, a Curator at Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
  • Abigail C. Fine, Social Media Marketing Manager and Bookseller, Hooray for Books! Children’s Bookstore
  • Kelly M. Finefrock-Creed, Manuscript editor at the University of Chicago Press
  • Jeffrey M. Flanagan, Special Collections at the Carol M. Newman Library, Virginia Tech
  • Kaitlyn Gardy: Assistant Registrar for Loans and Exhibitions, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Thomas J. Gillan, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Laura Kerr CordleDevelopment Coordinator at the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Anna Krouse, part-time History Faculty, University of Memphis
  • Laura Norbutmiddle school teacher in Connecticut
  • Kristina E. Poznan, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Amanda Lee Savage, Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor, Department of History, University of Memphis
  • Maggie Shackelford, Program Manager  at the Program for Torture Victims 
  • Jonathan E. Shaw, Doctoral candidate, University of Michigan
  • Alana Speth, history teacher, The Covenant School (Charlottesville, Va.)
  • Jeffrey S. Thomas, 
  • Matthew F. Thomas, 
  • Kristen Woytonik: Doctoral candidate in History, University of New Hampshire


  • April M. Brinker, 
  • Brandon R. Byrd, 
  • Justin Clement, Doctoral candidate in History, University of California, Davis 
  • Elizabeth Cook, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Laurel R. Daen, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Anne-Cabrie Forsythe, Interim Director, Restoration of Rights at the Office of Governor McAuliffe
  • Kate Hill, Archivist for Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library 
  • Katy IversonCalifornia Department of Education
  • Jade M. Leszkowicz, 
  • Michael A. Lusby, 
  • Sarah McCartneyPh.D. Candidate in History at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
  • Robert G. Menna, 
  • Molly F. Perry, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Brandon Righi, Reputation Institute 
  • Amanda Scott, Doctoral candidate, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Jessica L. Taylor, 
  • Lindsay W. Zurawski, 


  •  Seth D. Archer, Mellon Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
  • Sarah Z. Bowden, 
  • Judge Glock, Doctoral candidate at Rutgers University and Fellow at the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia in 2014-15.
  • Myra Houser, Assistant Professor at Ouachita Baptist University
  • Benjamin J. Hurwitz, 
  • Stephen J. Legawiec, 
  • John McGlashan, Intermediate Business Analyst, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Margaret E. Owen, 
  • Heather A. McLees Frazier, 
  • Katie M. Ross, 
  • Michael P. Smith, 
  • Amy C. Stallings, Instructor at National Institute of American History and Democracy
  • Stephen M. Volpe, 
  • Wallace, Charles A., Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Amy E. Whelan, 


  • Robert B. Abel, 
  • Jennifer L. Blahnik, 
  • Elizabeth A. Bond, 
  • Bronwyn M. Fletchall, 
  • Melissa F. Gray, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • William M. Hains, 
  • Zachary Jones, Archivist for the Sealaska Heritage Institute as well as an adjunct instructor in history and anthropology courses at the University of Alaska Southeast
  • Maria A. Kane, Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Waldorf, MD)
  • Lindsay M. Keiter, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Jeffrey W. Kuckuck, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Alan H. Matzner, 
  • Laura Passic, works in  Washington D.C. as an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Jason P. Zieger, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary


  • Kelly B. Arehart, 
  • Pierson J. Bell, 
  • Meredith M. Henne, 
  • Sarah M. Johnson, 
  • Paul P. Musselwhite, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth
  • Edward P. Pompeian, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Mary Washington
  • Margaret S. Tilley, 
  • Jessica L. Walsh, 
  • Andrea K. Westcot, 


  • Bachmann, Aaron M.
  • Matthew Butler, Daily Wire Editor and News Staff, Howey Politics Indiana
  • John C. Fiorini, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
  • Nathaniel C. Green
  • Nancy A. Hillman, 
  • Sarah E. King, 
  • Caroline C. Morris, 
  • Justin A. Pariseau, 
  • Paskvan, Liam J.
  • Jill M. Pesesky
  • Kimberly Renner, Assistant Director, Historic Campus, College of William & Mary

  • Rebecca L. Sommers
  • Andrew K. Sturtevant, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • William A. Sullivan



  • James C. David
  • Cosby Williams Hall, Sixth Grade History Teacher, Norfolk Academy
  • Karen L Hines, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Eileen Robin Hintz, Doctoral candidate, Managing Editor of Emory Law Journal, Emory Law School
  • Giacomo Mazzei, Doctoral candidate and HGSA officer, University of Maryland - College Park
  • Jessica E. Roney, 
  • Michael T. Sclafani, 


  • Gordon Scott Barker, Assistant Professor, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
  • Sean P. Harvey, Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University
  • Grace E. Hill
  • Zachary Curtis Lowe, Blogger/Reporter for American Lawyer Magazine, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
  • David Shamus McCarthy, Visiting Assistant Professor, Furman University
  • Amanda K. McVety
  • Emily Renn Moore
  • Laura J. Odendahl
  • Emily T. Peterson
  • Bridget L. Reddick, 
  • Shawn G. Wiemann












  • Jayma Ann Abdoo, Administrative Assistant, Barnard College
  • Jill E. Chwojko-Frank, Heritage Farm Curator/Program Coor., Schaumburg Park District
  • Meaghan Noelle Duff, Esq., Director, Blackboard Training
  • Mary Carroll Johansen, Associate Professor, Holy Family University
  • Katharine Graydon Lisiewicz, Account Manager in UCLA Communications & Public Outreach
  • Gretchen Ann Reilly, Instructor of History, Temple College


  • Scott Edward Atwood, Partner (specializing in Labor and Employment Law), Weathersby, Howard and Kuck, LLC
  • Yvette Grace Hutchinson, Wider Participation Advisor: Specialist in Advanced and Beacon (as of March 13, 2005), Oxfordshire School Development Service
  • Matthew Robert Laird, Senior Researcher, James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc.
  • David J. Roberts, History Teacher, Chestnut Hill Academy
  • Chitose Sato, "Lecturer" of American History, University of Tsukuba, Master's Program in Area Studies


  • Lisa Mullins Bishop, Managing Editor, Early American Homes
  • Jennifer Anne Bryan, Curator of Manuscripts, Maryland Historical Society
  • Joan Gosnell, University Archivist for Southern Methodist University
  • Caroline Beth Kipps, Development Officer, Thomas Jefferson Mem. Foundation
  • Stephen Haynes Lewis, Editor, Washington Post Co.
  • Alexandra Mary Lord, Acting Historian (as of December 7, 2004), United States Public Health Service
  • William Stuart Maddox, Attorney, Law Offices of William S. Maddox, Esquire
  • Frances Susan Mazur, Teacher, Irmo Middle School Campus I
  • Jennifer Davis McDaid, Archives Research Coordinator, Library of Virginia
  • Christianne niDonnell, Independent Writer (as of 2003), self-employed
  • Leslie Scott Philyaw, Assistant Professor of History, Western Carolina University


  • John D. Burton, Director Academic Support, DePaul University
  • Elizabeth Holmes Clark, Graphic Designer and Owner, Blue Oak Design
  • Ronald L. Hurst, Vice President - Collections and Museums and Chief Curator, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Elizabeth Hathhorn McGehee, Copy Editor, The Baltimore Sun
  • Julie Richter, Ph.D., The College of William & Mary
  • Monica McConnaghy Shaffer, Registrar-Data Center, Panhandle Plains Historical Museum
  • Deborah Gronich Tate, Associated Editor, Publishers Resource Group


  • William Paul Burke, Ranger, National Park Service
  • Jan Kirsten Gilliam, Assistant Curator of Exhibits, Colonial Williamsburg
  • Scott Hampton Harris, Site Director, New Market Battlefield State Historical Park
  • Judith Anne Ridner, Associate Professor, Muhlenburg University
  • Peg Poeschl Siciliano, the archivist at the History Center of Traverse City
  • Alicia Liberty Boehm Tucker, Adjunct Professor, Thomas Nelson Community College
  • Yufeng Wang, Professor, History, Sinclair Community College


  • Leslie Anne Bellais, Curator of Custom & Textiles, State Historical Society of WI
  • Sarah Sutton Brophy, Environmental Sustainability Consultant to Museums (self-employed)
  • Robert Lee Crewdson, Attorney, Phillips, Hinchey and Reid
  • Laura Jones Dooley, Senior Satellite Editor, Yale University Press
  • Nancy Dieter Egloff, Staff Historian, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
  • Anne Bridges Gavin, Senior Internal Auditor, UC Santa Cruz
  • Christopher Edwin Hendricks, Ph.D., The College of William & Mary
  • David Turner Rhoads, Senior Editor, Lexis Publishing
  • Wendy Ellen Sacket, Senior Assistant, Electronic Media & Curriculum Publishing, Coast Learning Systems
  • James Homer Williams, Professor of History and Director, Albert Gore Research Center at Middle Tennessee State University


  • Norton Scott Amos, Visiting Scholar and Librarian, Center for Christian Study
  • Barbara Ellen Austen, Archives Consultant, Central Connecticut State University
  • Elizabeth A. Crowell, Cultural Resource Protection Mngr, Fairfax County Park Authority
  • Christopher Thomas Daly, Lecturer, Villanova
  • Keeley Robin Long Sutphin, Tailor, Self-employed


  • Marcie C. Ferris, Assistant Professor of American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • Kevin J. Bertelsen, Publications Director, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
  • Dru Dowdy, Head of Publications, National Portrait Gallery
  • Mark Anthony Mastromarino, Ph.D., The College of William & Mary
  • Linda Eileen Parris, Archivist, Virginia Historical Society
  • Lisa Broberg Quintana, Freelance Consultant/Curator, Self-employed
  • Karen Stuart, Automated Operations Archivist, Library of Congress
  • Sarah Jane Weatherwax, Curator of Prints or Photography, Library Company of Pennsylvania
  • Linda Clark Wentworth, Copywriter, Cornell University Press
  • Susan Ocksreider Whisler, Dir., Workforce Investment Board, Southern Alleghenies Plan & Dev Comm.


  • John R. Barden, Head, Reference and Research Services, University of Richmond, William T. Muse Law Library
  • Ronald Edward Colvin, Operations Supervisor, Social Security Administration
  • John Matthew Coski, Historian, Museum of the Confederacy
  • Diane Lucille Dunkley, Director/Chief Curator, DAR Museum
  • Glenn Jerome Jessee, Legal Counsel (as of Oct. 25, 2005), International Finance Corporation
  • Martha Irene Pallante, Professor and Chair of History, Youngstown State University


  • Lucy Trumbull Brown, Attorney, Wisconsin Education Association Council
  • Susan Marjorie Eltscher, Assistant General Secretary, United Methodist Church Gen. Commission
  • Michael Joseph Puglisi, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Virginia Intermont College
  • Jeffrey L. Scheib, Test Development, National Board of Medical Examiners


  • Lynn Doggett Anderson, Head of Collections, WA State Historical Society Research Cen
  • Carol Edith Curtis, Dean of Learning Resources, Ozarks Technical Community College
  • Miss Alice Hepbourne Guerrant, Historic Archaeologist, State of Delaware
  • John Fitzhugh Millar, Owner/President, Thirteen Colonies Press
  • Nancy Lee Phinney, Director of College Communications, Westmont College.


  • Carole Johnson Breitenbach, Staff Attorney, Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II (Tacoma)
  • Dorothy Hagberg Cappel, Teacher, Grace Episcopal School
  • Carol Ann Dubbs, Teacher, California Elementary (Orange County, CA)
  • Professor Mary S. Hoffschwelle, Professor, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Jonathan Hughett Poston, Director of Preservation, Historic Charleston Foundation
  • Mary Miley Theobald, Freelance Writer


  • John T. Anderson, Catalog Librarian, St. Bonaventure University, Friedsam Memorial Library
  • John D. Schminky, Attorney, Naval Strategic Systems


  • Alta Elizabeth Cassady, Cultural Resourcs Coordinator, Alabama Historical Commission
  • Anne West Chapman, Phd, Historian, US Dept. of the Army
  • Claudia A. Miner, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Desert Research Institute
  • Valerie Lund Mitchell, Director of Communication, Saad's Healthcare
  • Joanne Wood Ryan, Legal Assistant, Mayer, Fortkort, and Williams


  • Joseph Carvalho III, President, Springfield Library & Museums Assn.
  • James Patrick McClure, Associate Editor, Thomas Jefferson Papers
  • Prudence Phillimore Salasky, Journalist, Daily Press


  • Betsy August McClure, Substitute Teacher, Claremont United Methodist Nursery Sch.
  • John Sanford Salmon, Staff Historian, Department of Historic Resources
  • Fredrika J. Teute, Editor of Publications IEAHC


  • Daniel Irwin Hurley, Vice President for History (also was original project manager for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which opened in 2004), Cincinnati Museum Center


  • June Meredith Costin, Adjunct Faculty, Loyola Univ.
  • John C. Lassiter, Professor of History, Anderson College
  • Elizabeth Courtenay Ramsey, Social Studies Teacher, Rockbridge County High School


  • Mary Randolph Corbin, Assistant to the President, Mary Washington College
  • Orelia Sparrow Dann, High School History Teacher, Greenhills School
  • Ann Lynn Lipton, Executive Director of the United Jewish Community and adjunct professor of History at Thomas Nelson Community College in Newport News, VA
  • Carol Toop McCollough, Homemaker
  • James Michael O'Toole, Associate Professor of History, Boston College
  • Clark Strickland, Dir., Center for Arts and PP, Univ. of CO -Denver
  • Hope Hockenberry Yelich, Reference Librarian, College of William & Mary


  • James Robert Bentley, Independent Researcher, Self-employed
  • Richard Paul Dauer, Head of Upper School, The Williams School
  • Diane Della-Loggia, Production Manager for the Handbook of North American Indians, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute
  • Nathaniel Abraham Jobe, Jr., Chairman of the History Department, Woodberry Forest School
  • Sigrid P. Milner, Scandinavin Cataloger, Library of Congress
  • Marie Morris Nitschke, Reference Librarian, Emory University
  • Susan Agee Riggs,  Manuscripts and Rare Books Librarian, Special Collections Research Center, Earl Gregg Swem Library College of William and Mary 


  • Frederick Fausz, Assoc. Professor of History, University of Missouri
  • Elizabeth Eugenie I. Gibbons, Legal Secretary, Panneton Law Corporation
  • Jayme R. Spencer, Librarian, American University Cairo
  • Peggy D. White, Minister of Education; Teacher and Member of the 2002 Newport News Curriculum Committee, First Baptist Church of Newport News; City of Newport News, Denbigh High School (as of 2002)


  • John Christie Dann, Historian, University of Michigan
  • Ronald P. Dufour, Associate Professor of History, Rhode Island College
  • John T. Keene, Jr., Chief of Planning & Construction, Anne Arundel County
  • Charles Lintner Killinger III, Professor of History, Valencia Community College
  • Edwin Whitfield Watson II, President & Chief Executive Officer, Fredericksburg Area Museum


  • Arthur G. Barnes, Manager of Evening Programs, Colonial Williams Foundation
  • Susanne Neale Fox, Professor of History and American Studies, Wesley College
  • Joan Rezner Gundersen, Archivist and Property Administrator for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
  • George Robert Orser, Management Consultant, The Nonprofit Doctor
  • John F. Page, Archives, New Hampshire State Archives


  • Curtis E. Fooks, Retired High School English Teacher
  • Patricia A. Gibbs, Historian, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Laylon Wayne Jordan, Professor of History, College of Charleston
  • Gwenda Morgan, Professor, Sunderland Polytechnic


  • Lorna Gayle Cooper, Specialist Collections Catologuer, University of Virginia
  • Susan Hill Gross, Retired Executive Director, UMWHC
  • Lynda R. Heaton, Joint-Owner, Cady Church Development Company
  • Madeleine C. Kaduboski, Advertising, Acton Real Estate


  • Richard Roy Beeman, Professor (and Deputy Dean, School of Arts and Sciences ), University of Pennsylvania
  • Marian Lois Moran, Treasurer, Kennedy Center Box Office
  • William L. Moran, Program Officer, US Department of Education


  • Angeline Polites, Director of Grants Development, Community College of Baltimore County


  • Robert C. Bolander, Dean of Doctoral candidates, Clayton College & State University
  • William Martin Kelso, Director, Jamestown Rediscovery Project
  • Anita L. Nolen, Systems Librarian/Archivist, Georgetown University


  • Willard C. Frank, Jr., Associate Professor, History, Old Dominion University
  • Susan A. Liddicoat, Acquisitions Editor, Teacher's College Press


  • Richard Albert Rutyna, Associate Professor Emeritus of History, Old Dominion University


  • John L. Blair, Prof/Chairman Dept. History, Richard Bland College


  • Catesby G. Jones, Jr., Assistant to the President, Crispies Co, Inc. (dba Peace Frogs)


  • James L. Carpenter, Jr., Manager Logistics, Lockheed Martin Company


  • James M. Perry, Superintendent of Fort Stanwix National Monument