2009-14 Graduate News Archive

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Surprise! Finley related to 'Roots' show host

Ph.D. candidate Alex Finley got to break the news of how they are related to Henry Louis Gates, Jr., on the Nov. 25 episode of 'Finding Your Roots.'

A thousand years of environmental change in Polynesia

A William & Mary archaeologist has been studying 1,000 years of the islanders’ methods of coping with life amid some rapidly changing ecosystems atop geologically unstable islands.

VIMS to help protect key Native American site

A $199,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will allow researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science to help protect Werowocomoco—one of the most important Native American sites in the eastern U.S.—from shoreline erosion and sea-level rise

Devil’s advocate ensures no one escapes island in annual Raft Debate

Devil’s Advocate Andreas Stathopoulos narrowly out-argued representatives from the humanities, social sciences, and natural and computational sciences to win the annual Raft Debate, convincing a capacity crowd that none of the disciplines were worth saving.

Search for a smoking lunchbox turns up the 'Bray School cafeteria'

For the past three summers, archaeologists have dug up the grounds of a William & Mary dorm in search of the "smoking lunchbox"—the archaeologists' term for a material-culture connection between the 18th-century Bray School and a building still in use on the William & Mary campus.

John Leckey
Finessing the weak force

The weak force is, for laymen, the least known of the quartet of interactions that run the universe as we know it.

Welcome to the e-learning lab

A number of experimental course initiatives and departmental projects using technology and tools instructionally are underway across the university.

Werowocomoco ceremony: America didn’t begin in 1607

One point was made over and over again at the June 21 ceremonial signing of a conservation easement to protect Werowocomoco: American history did not begin with the 1607 landing of the Jamestown settlers.

Board members strengthen graduate education in Arts & Sciences

They are leaders in their fields with busy lives and careers. Yet each of them—and there are more than a dozen in total—has made a passionate commitment to William and Mary’s Graduate Studies Advisory Board (GSAB) in Arts & Sciences.

Gift to W&M honors renowned Jamestown archaeologist

A $250,000 gift from Williamsburg residents Margaret Nelson Fowler and Roy Hock will endow a new graduate fellowship honoring renowned Jamestown archaeologist William Kelso.

Advisory Board Fellows
Board Helps Recruit Top-Notch Students

To ensure that William & Mary retains its ability to attract and train exceptional scholars and leaders, the Arts & Sciences Graduate Studies Advisory Board (GSAB) established special Recruitment Fellowships in 2006.

8th grad research symposium a success

Graduate students from different disciplines in Arts & Sciences come together once each year to unite in a display of intellectual firepower.

Grad students make strong showing at research forum

On Feb. 10, six graduate students from the College of William and Mary participated in the fourth annual Graduate Student Research Forum, held at the Library of Virginia in Richmond.

Research by Andriy Fedorov '08 Wins Top Award at Graduate Research Symposium

Andriy's research project is titled, "Near-Real-Time Nonrigid Registration for Image Guided Neurosurgery Using Commodity and Grid Computing." At the College's sixth annual Graduate Research Symposium, held in March 2007, his project won the Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Natural and Computational Sciences.

Research and Travel Grants Spur New Knowledge

In her studies of the zebra finch, Amanda Houck is examining females' mate-selection to determine whether their selection criteria are influenced by other females.

Amy Howard's Dissertation Honored for Research Excellence

Amy Howard (Ph.D., '05), now associate director of the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement at the University of Richmond, was honored by the Graduate Studies Advisory Board for her dissertation in American Studies, titled "'More than Shelter': Community, Identity, and Spatial Politics in San Francisco Public Housing, 1938-2000."