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Government Graduation 2017

  • Government Student Procession
    Government Student Procession  Students march into the Wren yard led by Professor Christopher Howard and other Government faculty members.  
  • Let's Begin
    Let's Begin  The feeling of anticipation and joy fills the air as Government students await for the first graduate's name to be announced.  
  • Wren Building Graduation
    Wren Building Graduation  Mother Nature provided gorgeous weather for a very special Mother's Day as Government students graduate in front of the beautiful Wren building.  
  • Government Faculty
    Government Faculty  Members of the Government department look out onto the crowd of loving families and excited graduates.  
  • Opening Remarks
    Opening Remarks  Professor Paul Manna, Chair of the Government department gives his opening remarks to families and students.  
  • Government Graduates
    Government Graduates  Government students shake the hand of Professor Manna as they receive their diploma at the top of the stairs of the Wren building.  
  • Passing the Torch
    Passing the Torch  Huzzah! Students finally cross the threshold from being a student to a graduate.  
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On Sunday, May 14, Government majors in the College's Class of 2017 attended the Department's Commencement ceremony behind the Wren Building.  Families, faculty and guests gathered on a sunny, breezy Sunday morning to see some 170 graduate process in and up the steps to receive their diplomas from Professor Paul Manna.

Earlier the crowd unanimously approved a resolution commending Professor Manna's predecessor as Chair, Professor John McGlennon, for his nearly two decades of service in that role.  The Department also honored several individual Seniors for their outstanding achievements.