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Internships are a great way to apply your knowledge and get professional experience. You may get academic credit for an internship in your junior or senior year, if your internship

  • is supervised and structured by one of our professors
  • incorporates hands-on experience
  • includes an analytic or research component that is documented in a final written report or paper
  • be approved by the Assistant Deans for Undergraduate Education

Before you begin your internship, find a Global Studies faculty member who is willing to supervise your work. This professor may, but does not have to be, your major advisor. Discuss the scope of your internship, how you will incorporate hands-on research on which to base your paper, and how many credits this work will earn. Once you and your faculty supervisor agree on a plan, complete the Internship for Academic Credit form [pdf]. Your external supervisor must also sign the form. Submit the completed form for approval.

When your internship is approved to recieve credit, your faculty supervisor will then contact the Global Studies Coordinator to set up an appropriate course section for you to register. Professors should indicate the number of credits associated with the Internship (GBST 498).