Undergraduate Program

Global Studies (GBST) students work with an advisor to construct an interdisciplinary sequence of coursework, often combined with service learning, internships or study abroad. The major is designed to provide students with an historical understanding of the issues and cultures of a specific region. Students gain a foundation for conceptualizing complex interconnections and for grappling with possibilities and ethical responsibilities of living in an interconnected world.
Coursework on culture, history, languages, literature, politics and religion provides students opportunities to explore the specificity of a given region, the ways in which global forces change local contexts, and the interconnections between major global regions.
Students majoring in Global Studies choose a concentration in one of four areas: Asian and Middle EasternEuropeanLatin American, or Russian and Post-Soviet StudiesAsian and Middle Eastern Studies concentrators further focus their studies by choosing between the East Asian and Middle Eastern Studies tracks. Seven minors are also offered.
Study Area

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies:

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select track)


East Asian Studies X (track) X
Middle Eastern Studies X (track) X
Comparative and Diaspora Studies X
South Asian Studies X

European Studies



Latin American Studies



Russian and Post-Soviet Studies



General Major Requirements

In general, a major in Global Studies includes courses from at least three departments. Detailed descriptions of the degree programs are provided at the links in the chart above. Additional information about course requirements is available from faculty advisors in the Global Studies programs.

Other Major Requirements:

Language Requirement

Degrees in Global Studies include a modern foreign language component which exceeds the College's proficiency requirement. Students meet the requirement by completing the appropriate requirements of their concentration.

Major Writing Requirement 

The major writing requirement may be satisfied in Global Studies by (1) completing the appropriate senior seminar of the individual program, or (2) fulfilling the major writing requirement for a department contributing courses to your selected concentration or (3) completing a writing project designed to meet the MWR with special permission from a faculty member.


Study Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to seek overseas opportunities which complement their Global Studies major. With prior approval, most courses taken abroad may be applied to major or other requirements. Contact your GBST program advisor and the Reves Center for more information.