William & Mary


The curriculum of Arts & Sciences provides for interdisciplinary majors in Global Studies (GBST) which include concentrations in:   

In 2011 the new concentration in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies replaced the previously separate concentrations in East Asian Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. In 2009 the new concentration in Africana Studies replaced the former major in Black Studies and the former concentration in African Studies.

Through coursework on the culture, history, languages, literature, politics, and religions of major world regions, students explore the specificity of a given region, the ways in which global forces are realized in and through local contexts, and the interconnections between global regions.

Global Studies is distinct from International Relations (INRL), which focuses on the study of economic, historical, and political relations among nation-states as well as the interactions among states, markets, and non-state actors (such as international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and multi-national corporation).