Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies

Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies (APIA) was established at William & Mary in 2016 to expand the scholarly research and study of the histories, cultures, experiences, laws and policies relevant to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. In 2019, the program began offering the concentration major and minor in APIA under the auspices of William & Mary's Global Studies. 

Our courses include Peoples & Cultures of PolynesiaImmigration, Assimilation and Ethnicity; Filipino American Diaspora StudiesAsian American Film & Literatureand IslamophobiaThey reflect the diversity and expanse of the Asian & Pacific Islander American community, now the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population.

By completing a Global Studies degree in APIA or taking any of our courses, you will graduate with the research, interpretive, creative and collaborative skills that are crucial to success in any field. APIA faculty will work closely with you so that your academic studies support your career aspirations. Our alumni include writers, teachers, civic leaders, investment bankers, and lawyers. They are actors in Hollywood productions and visionary leaders in education.

Students interested in the APIA minor or major will please contact the program director Professor Francis Tanglao Aguas at or (757) 221-2684.